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    I joined some time ago on the hunt for a Clio, and now that I got a Clio and fully registered in NSW, thought I might as well throw in a newbie post. Since six weeks old, I had been diagnosed with Haemophilia; a rare bleeding disorder that prevented my blood from proper clotting without treatment. Most of my life has been within the walls of the hospital and with many bruises and bleeds all throughout my body. There's so much that's happened during my first 14 years that its pretty much impossible to list it in this one post (You'll be able to read it all in the link at the bottom to our website). So you might think then, that I would have picked up a passion for something calm and less intense. Instead, I found the most entertaining discipline of motorsports, and I've been a fan since the age of 7/9 (Can't remember exactly oops😆). It started with the odd Wii or PS3 racing game, then eventually moving to a Logitech G27 steering wheel on Gran Turismo 5 (Btw nice to see this forum had a GT5 Nurburgring leaderboard going once upon a time 😀). I slowly learned the basics of driving every day after school, almost all self taught, from trying to skid in an AE86 to figuring out the heel-toe in a 600hp R34. By 2016, I moved over to the PC and got into more advanced racing and into a range of racing leagues on Assetto Corsa, and eventually I was actually finding myself fighting near the front of the field! This was all while at the risk of bleeds and being admitted to hospital on an average of every two weeks. The next couple years would see me working my way through high school and learning the dark art of motorsports through simracing, videos, articles and lots more, hoping one day I could work in this field as a driver and/or engineer. By 2018, I had gone onto a study trial of a drug called Hemlibra, and since then my treatment for Haemophilia had never been more effective. This is what opened the doors for me to finally enter what I loved for real. October 2018 would mark my very first taste of motorsport, when I completed Level 1 and 2 of the Riccardo’s Racers program in my first ever time driving, and setting the fastest motokhana time in (of all things) mum’s Mazda 3! An effort she luckily approved of very much, considering the great amount of knowledge and experience I got from the program. A year later, I would be completing Level 3 of the program at Luddenham Raceway, again going tremendously well, but also still in the Mazda 3. With mum considering what my next couple years could look like, it was time to address the elephant in the room (somewhat literally considering the weight 😄), hence the introduction of our own 2010 Renault Sport Clio Cup Trophee. 70,000km on the clock, equipped with the cup chassis, Recaro seats and much more. Overall I’ve really enjoyed it and I haven’t even gotten into the driver’s seat yet! Sticks to the road real nice, cup suspension keeps the car really nice and flat. Not all perfect initially as it had the pesky crack in the exhaust manifold, but now all good and welded up by Renotech. Next up to do is is strut top mounts, either down the route of OE replacement or adjustable tops. Then some point after that, pads will need changing and potentially front discs, so again an option between straight replace or upgrade. Cloth Recaros also have the signature hole in the base and the wheel has gone somewhat melty, so we'll need to find someone to fix those things too at some point. But overall I'm really enjoying this car so far! I'm learning a lot from my parents about owning, researching and managing every little bit about this car, and over time I hope it can really help me make my first steps towards independent driving and make the transition from virtual racing to reality. (This is my story that summarises my life with Haemophilia from birth until now, in much more detail than what is described in this post. It can be read here: https://www.theredtrail.org/stories/jaydens-life-before-and-after-hemlibra/)
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    Hello all, Having recently moved to the country I had to purchase a car, Ive owned Clio's previously in England with the mk1 1.2, mk1 1.8 and then a Titanium 182. I thoroughly enjoyed the 182 and really wanted another. I figured that I wont be doing many miles for work and so the car will be for mainly weekend fun drives and the odd commute. So the search began, I was surprised at the lack of European cars and especially the sheer lack of 182's there were. However this made finding one even more special as I could tell that the gentleman who I bought mine from was a fellow enthusiast and had taken good care of it. It had only done 8000 km in the past four years and currently sits on 158,000. I am not entirely sure if it is Mondial or Artic Blue and can't figure out how to tell. Ill put a couple of pictures up here but more in the media section. I'm currently Melbourne in the east. I used to belong to an owners club in the UK and always found it a great place for info and for fellow enthusiasts to meet so am glad that I found this forum. Happy to answer any questions and I hope you enjoy the car. Here it is as i bought it: Here is how it looks now: I have only changed a few things - Silvervision indicator bulbs, team heko wind deflectors, removed the RS badge from the front grill, new Renault Sport badge at the back to replace the clio and a black Renault badge at the front. I also have the front splitter on order from Skoda for the mk1 Fabia - this is considerably cheaper than the original renualt one which was quoted as $534.80 delivered from France whereas Skoda was $38.50. Since these pictures I have cleaned up the front lights, darkened the trim all round and also polished the exhaust. I want to put some yellow tint on the fog lights and see if I can source the Speedline Alloys from the 172 cup/Trophy but they seem to be like hens teeth unless you have them shipped over. Heres some close ups of the blue to see if you can figure it out: finally heres the old cars:
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    Hello just picked up an 808 I've only had it for a short while but am loving it
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    Hello! Just popping in to say hi to fellow Renault enthusiasts! Currently owning a R27 F1 team edition Clio 197, will be looking for a lot of enlightenment and assists around here! Thanks
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    Morning all First post. I've just bought Safetymans beautiful 197-keeping the name Lucy. Amazing car, obviously been cherished and he was a lovely guy to deal with-very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about RS's. Car is as tight as a drum and looks great on the Megane grey wheels. Loved it so much driving home I thought 'mmm-maybe I should daily it' but really want to keep the klms down and in it's current condition. Unfortunately they beg to be driven-conundrum. Then I remembered-what about the 200 Trophy for sale with 55klms, some cosmetic issues and needing belts etc? Spoke to the guy-another really nice bloke. Clearly not an enthusiast like you dudes but owned from new with receipts for servicing etc. Went to look at it yesterday and it drove fantastically well. He'd really gone overboard on the cosmetic issues and the fundamental car's gem. Bought it-$6k-cheap enough to get the belts done and deal with a couple of cosmetic issues-won't worry about some of them. So-now got Lucy and Gareth (naming him after previous owner) tucked up in the garage ready to enjoy-one daily, the little lady on Sundays! We're up in the Hunter-some great driving roads up here. Be great to meet some of you for a drive day up here!
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    Greetings, Literally just bought this car https://www.autotrader.com.au/car/10577478/renault/megane/nsw/warwick-farm/hatchback 😁 Picking it up in 10 days or so - I have to drive from Melbourne to Sydney to do the trade-in, but it'll be worth it ! I'm an ex-Pommie and have always been a fan of the fast Frenchies. Looked at the 308 GTi, but the dash and steering wheel was all wrong for me. Jumped into a Megane 280 and felt immediately at home. Can't wait to collect the thing. Hopefully I'll post some pics in the next few weeks. Yes it's stock, yes it's grey, but IT'S MINE....MINE..... mwah ha ha ha
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    I just picked up a new RS300 Trophy, on Friday. I haven't driven it too far yet, given the circumstances. Still playing around withe all the settings in the R-Link -2 , still trying to find the RS Monitor software.... my most recent car were tuned VAG products, so its a bit of a change, looking forward to some track days, once its been run in.
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    Dear Members, Hello, As I write I have yet to collect my brand new 2019 Megane RS Cup Auto in white. I am very excited to be owning my first Renualt. I am very keen to learn more about this product from owners and hope to add my thoughts and feedback over time. I have owned a VW Golf GTD which I enjoyed but never a real sports hatch. It was close and the new Hyundai i30 Fastback N almost had me but, I kept coming back to the Megane after watching many reviews and taking a demo for good drive. Anyhow. Hello, and I'll see you in the Threads. Safe Roads Lloyd.
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    Title says it all. Knew very little about the Megane, until a good mate got a 250. Head was very quickly turned and I decided that I had to have a 265. Picked this one up a fortnight ago, and haven't regretted it for a second. Nice drive from Albury to Melbourne to properly acquaint myself with the car after buying
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    Hi everyone It's such a joyous occasion to be reunited with this supremely exciting and wonderful marque. A long time ago, as a 19 year old I joined this forum as 'Swish' with a black Clio 182. I loved that car. It had a Miltek system, a bmc cda and focal speakers. It was so exciting. Drive days, learning and camaraderie followed. The community was so good. Alas as time passed and the daily grind set in I sold the clio to a good friend who took on my forum account for a little while until the gearbox finished and the car went the way many old loved things do only you can't remember or fathom why. Years passed along with a manual 645ci with an AC Schnitzer bodykit, 2 kids and a diesel 4wd. I sold the BMW when child number 2/2 arrived. I don't miss it one bit. But I miss the clio. I yearned to reunite with the marque I had a passion for. I had coveted a megane 3 rs for a long time but never found a car specced the way I wanted or could afford - facelift, recaros, oyster grey, low ks and well maintained. Until I found it. And literally within a day bought it. And here she is. 2014 Oyster Grey RS 265 Cup Premium. Fresh from new belts at Alpine Affaire and a new engine mount from Virage. 60k on the clock. The day I brought her home the Tom Tom stuck on 'loading map permanently after being reset You see? Day one and a little niggle. Perfect. This is love. Perfectly imperfect. Who cares, I've consigned the sd card to the sin bin until further notice so I can enjoy the rs monitor. She's bluetoothed to the phone and waiting until this Saturday to be registered. I am.so happy to be back. In touch with the team at koya works about some little enhancements but I'm so so so thrilled to get into these recaros and drive. An akrapovic system and koya works downpipe is on the wishlist. Very keen to hear from anyone who's tried 245s with the 19s and/or 20mm spacers. For now, the honeymoon has started. How can I describe it compared to the 182? It's spiritually the same, but pumped up like a supercar and the clio had a love child. At 33 I feel like I'm 18 again. Hope you enjoy.
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    Hi all. Thought I'd join up for all the useful info. We were searching for something like a secondhand Skoda hatch for my wife and I as a runaround. We got messed around by a dishonest seller and had a wasted 5hr round trip. I started looking at other sensible options like the VW Polo and Mazda 2/3. So logically we bought a Renault Clio RS200 Cup Trophy 🤣 Picked it up last month in Sydney. Red. 2014 model. 34,000kms. Have a 2018 vw passat wagon as a daily, so this is now my fun weekend car. I've had a Citroen DS3, Audi s3 and Golf R in my car history but this is just next level fun. Oh. Wanna know the best bit? I paid $9,500 for it.
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    Hi all, Been a member of this great forum for a year or so now and have just picked up my first RenaultSport, a 2012 Clio Red Bull. Have wanted one forever. Only had it enough time to drive it home from Sydney to Geelong and can't wait to take it out for a blast in the hills. What a ripper little go-kart. Cheers guys, great to be a part of the forum. Matt
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    Hi Everyone, As the title says my wife and I picked up a megane rs 280 cup to replace her 11 year old golf V R32 today. We have never owned a Renault before and the quality seems pretty good compared to the golf and bmw I have. The megane is amazing to drive the harder you drive it the better it is. It’s a big call for me but I think it may be more fun than my 1M. Renault have done an amazing job with this car and so glad we got the cup pack, the suspension is very smooth at speed and the diff just pulls the car tighter into the corner. Just wow ! It’s a very good car for the money I think and if what the reviewers say about the civic type R is true it must be some car by comparison. Still fiddling with all the settings on the megane but so far so good. In its natural habitat
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    Filters, intakes, cams, exhausts, tunes etc are frankly a total waste of time on an F4R, there are gains but they are not value for money, plus more likey to end in catastrophic engine failure. What's telling is that you could easily spend 15k on throttle bodies, rods, pistons, ecu and find 30-40 HP. On a Turbo Megane you can spend $700 on a tune for the same gains. Stock brakes are more than up to the task for sprints assuming good brake fluid. Good rubber for sure, if you want to go mad on spending coin an LSD is a way better use of funds than cracking open the motor. The value from some proper driver training with good, experienced instructors cannot be understated. That does not mean a mate who's faster than you cause he drives a WRX and has done a few more track days......
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    Hope everyone is staying hydrated today! This morning, I picked up the card to my Renault MEGANE 265 Cup (AFAIK incorrectly advertised by the dealer as a Sport Limited). It’s been a long time in the making and a car I’ve always wanted, I sold my 6sp MY17 Golf R last Saturday and put a deposit down on this beauty on the Monday. Best part is that this gem was owned by a previous forum member and has been meticulously looked after and maintained. Thank you (you know who you are). For now, I’ll be focussing on learning the car and hopefully meeting some of you in the process. A delivery pic for your viewing pleasure
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    Hi all. This seems like an excellent forum from what I've read so far, frequented by grown ups who know what they're doing. You never can be sure in the land of car enthusiasts I live in the Southern Highlands not far from Sydney. I'm here because I'm considering a 172 or 182 as a fun run-around to replace my current Saab 9-5 Aero. I know – here in Aus us Saab fans are probably an even rarer breed than Renault fans, and harder to understand! I've had a few Saab's , from a 900, a modified 9-3 coupe, a base spec $800 9-5 wagon when we had our first child, a 9-3 V6 wagon, to the car I own and love today – a Saab 9-5 Aero wagon with 5-speed manual. An unusual car over here and one which I've put a lot of time, love and of course several $ into. It has a completely rebuilt motor with forged pistons, all new chains and balance shafts etc, full suspension refresh (other than a few bushes in the rear end) with Bilstein B8's & matched progressive springs from Maptun, subframe bushes all done, front wheel bearings done, all the filters, oil pressure switch, thermostat, crank sensor and the list goes on and on. Basically it's had a pretty full go over, so it's a solid, reliable, reasonably quick (~230-250hp, safely sub 7s 0-100) old bus. It has a stock exhaust system, but if I replace the turbo downpipe with a 3" piece and a fuel pressure regulator I could get this thing to +300hp/+440nm, which might be fun in pure grunt terms. It also has great A/C, heated/ventilated seats, sunroof, carries 5 people and a dog, and there are practically none of these around, particularly with a manual box. It's not perfect, but it's a nice bit of kit. So why sell? I'm not sure except to say we are planning to spend some time in Europe in about 2 years so I will probably have to sell at that point. A Saab guy in QLD has shown some interest, so a reasonable offer now might be wise to accept. Believe it or not these cars are starting to increase in value, so holding on to it isn't necessarily a bad idea. But now I'm quite smitten with the idea of a cheap-ish chassis-focused hot hatch, and something equally a bit left field like the Clio makes sense. I'm not really asking "should I, or shouldn't I" – just introducing myself. So... Should I, or shouldn't I? A few build photos If there are any 172/182 owners in the region I'd be interested in meeting up!
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    Hi all, A soon to be new owner of an RS280 Sport. Black, 2018 Demo model EDC gearbox with the Bose upgrade. I was looking at most of the hot hatches, drove the RS 280 and fell in love. Such a nice car. This will be the first front wheel drive performance car I've had, and it's one hell of an upgrade from my dodgy ass JK Jeep (I'll never deal with Jeep again, long story). I pick it up later this week, until now, here is a dodgy phone pic at the dealer attached.
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    Cheers for the welcome guys. First real decent drive out in the hills today. Man, I love this car. Point and shoot! A lot of members had said it's a motorbike on 4 wheels, and I have to agree. Due for a tyre upgrade soon, some pretty ordinary rubber on at the moment. Cheers team, a few pics from the drive this morning...
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    Hey everyone, I have recently added this little gem to my garage and I have to say that I couldn't be happier with it. I have wanted a Megane RS for over 8 years now and just hadnt been able to find the right car at the right time but after finding this lil nugget at a dealership I couldnt say no. Im wanting to keep it as stock as possible as its such a good car as it is but is there anything that you guys would recommend that I look at upgrading. Only thing it appears to have had done to it is the addition of an after market battery saver.
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    Hey all, I am pretty damn excited! Just put deposit down on a Diamond Black 2014 Megane RS Cup Premium with only 25,000kms! Checked it out and test drove it yesterday and it was mint so a deal was done! I live on the GC but it is out at Toowoomba. Just gotta wait for banks to open so deal can be finalised and I will go get it! it is overdue for timing belt change due to not being done and supposed to be done every 4yrs ( Or 100,000kms) but hasn’t. Any recommendations for where to get it done in the GC? Or Bris? This is the realisation of a 3 year old dream... I have wanted a Megane RS But have put off for family and responsible reasons but the time has come... well nearly 😬 Mike
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    Hi all, finally fulfilled the long urge to buy a Renault sport. Completed my apprenticeship with Renault and fell in love with these fun little cars. Couple years later and now working at Mercedes I’ve pulled the pin on a black 2001 Clio 172 phase 1 (#64). Bought it off a great guy who had planned to restore it but hadn’t been able to find the time. The overall condition of the body is rough to say the least and looks like it has enjoyed many years outside sun baking but on my short 8km drive home to where it now sits it drove like a dream. I plan on getting it to a much more acceptable condition and turn it into my daily driver so that I can retire the fuel guzzling C63 from daily use. If anyone has any history on the car or any other useful information about the phase 1’s please let me know as I’m always keen on learning more about these little weapons. Cheers and hope to see some of you out on the twisty’s soon.
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    Quick mods, capture this moment - @speedfiend41 being the voice of reason... 😱 Back to the OP. The biggest differences between the cars are age and price between a 250 and a 275 (kinda obvious, because they span the gap of selling new from pre 2012 to 2017 ishh) That said, there are compelling reasons for a pre-facelift (250 or 265). Firstly, only the pre facelift has bi-xenon lighting options in some variants - typically the higher specced ones that also have the Recaros and some other fruity bits. The lights on the facelift ones are woeful. And I mean woeful... Secondly, being a bit older, if there is a good service history, a pre facelift 265 is a remarkable value proposition, with low km examples often selling for significantly below $20k. There is a higher km example 250 AGP on the forum here for a little above $10k. BTW, the 265 is a 250 until the Sport button is pushed, removing the auto-stop function and releasing the extra ponies. Many earlier versions will already have a tune or a piggy back device, all of which add greatly to the performance and driveability of the cars, which if looked after tend to be bullet proof. So it doesn't really matter 250 or 265, as a tune cures any minor difference between them. All except a very few blue Sport versions have the Cup chassis with perfohub and LSD. You need one of the LSD versions (luckily they almost certainly will be) unless you like wrestling with your steering as a sport. For my money, I'd pick an 8:08 pre fasce lift as a first choice (these have all the fruit except reversing camera) but include the bi-xenons, RS monitor, full leather Recaros and are a limited run of 100 Australia only vehicles that were made in pearl white or Liquid Yellow. Look awesome in each, but especially LY, which is pretty much the hero colour for the Meg 3. The 250 is not available in LY, but a canary yellow flat colour which, if you had bought just before LY came out, you would probably have already shot yourself by now, so maybe available in deceased estates...? Second choice would be an AGP, which had similar fruit to the 8:08 but was based on the 250 (I think). Also limited to 100 examples, and was available in black or white IIRC. Not sure if they were available in other colours. Third choice would be an RB8, which was the last of the line of the 265s and had ALL the fruit - leather Recaros, full RS Link 2 with reverse camera and RS Monitor, and come only in a really dark blue (virtually black if not in sunlight), but a well- kept example of this is a stunning car if you love washing cars. When clean, they look amazing!! Price no option, then go for a 275 Cup Premium. You will not get decent headlights (ever - in the facelift) and you will need to search aftermarket for bulbs if you prefer your lighting not provided by candles, but you will get potentially warranty remaining (many had 5 years), low km (depending on how often driven but generally lower cos newer), and they are remarkable value for a near new performance vehicle. Go for a Premium (they ALL have Cup suspension), which also has the panoramic (fixed) glass roof, as many hire companies ran the standard Cup models, and you maybe don't want an ex hire car as your pride and joy. Maybe you do, but I wouldn't. Oh and all the higher spec Megs have 19 inch rims. Some folks complain about ride harshness compared with the 18s on most lower specced ones. I never found this an issue, and loved the "connected to the tarmac" feeling you get from the 19s and the Meg steering. Oh, and good rubber is a must. Michelin PS4S highly recommended, but so are lots of others at better price points. Don't get Chinese crap brands, though, and you will be rewarded with an amazing handling car. I hope that helps, but any Meg is a wicked piece of road going yeehah, and you are almost certain to donate some points and funds to the State coffers in one. Don't say you weren't warned!! Failing that, you could follow the various voices of reason, and get a Clio 3 (197 or 200 as suggested by others) which is like a Meg, but at a much lower speed (in most instances). Sorry Clio fans, but having had both, that was my take on it. Having the Meg first spoiled my Clio experience. Oh and you sit on a Clio compared to zipping a Meg up around you. Depends what you like there... To the OP, I hope that helps, and if you get a chance to drive a Meg, take it through some of your favourite twisty roads, don't back off, pick a line, hang on and smile... They are remarkable things to drive. Good luck with your search. Oh and if I have offended anyone (or maybe everyone...) here, tongue was intended to be in cheek, but with some serious points for the young lad to consider with his Meg purchase.
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    Previously owned the megane 275 premium and last year traded it in for a Golf R. Last week I swapped the Golf for a megane 280 RS cup. For me the Golf is an awesome car but not as engaging as the megane. And how I missed a gear stick!
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    Eventually stopped raining here and got a couple of snaps of my new lovely. Looks great in the sun and is going very well.
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    Hi All, Just wanted to say hi as I've been a lurker for a while now. I've owned my RS 275 for three years now and the warranty is almost up, so I'm now starting to look at tuning. Been interesting reading all the topics you have all made, thanks for that.
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    So I bought a renault, very new to these, any chance someone could tell me a thing or two about this model, what can and cannot be done, I think its a Trophy, has leather recaro seats and is a real dream to drive!
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    Hey everyone Not long bought a RS 280 for my daily driver very happy with it . My daily commute is up and down Macquarie Pass in NSW finding the drive now very easy . Been surprised by the waves from other Renault drivers sorry guys I not a snob just a bit slow on the uptake , I will get the brain trained to recognize other Renault’s soon! . cheers Phil
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    Hi all, Just about to pick up my first Renault Sport car, thought i'd say hi. Came down to Melbourne for the Grand Prix & that didn't work out well so bought myself a Clio RS220 Trophy, picking it up on Thursday so a bit excited.
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    Hello Folks, Collected my new car today. Totally smitten. 14 klms at collection and ran up to 262 klms today. 1000 klms will come up pretty quick. Loads to learn with the settings. Fun Fun Fun. I have plans to attend the Renault Round up at Carribean Gardens on Feb 16th. I hope to meet some drivers, share stories and check eacj others cars. Cheers & Safe Travels.
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    Hi All! Just wanted to say hi (new member).. just picked up my Megane RS 280 last night and completely in love (obviously)
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    Hi All, As a new owner of my first renault sport I thought i'd join up to the forum to learn a bit more about the car and get some experienced advice along the way Only owned it for 5 days and absolutely love it Recently sold my GSXR 1000 and decided i wanted a sporty car that could make me laugh my head off like the bike did and test drove a RS250 Cup and loved it but then this came along and it ticked all the boxes! It came with an RSTuner so looking to have a play with that in the near future
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    Others can chip in if I've forgotten anything but the only "issues" regarding reliability are: Interior door handle breaking - can be avoided or worked around and can be repaired Door lock solenoids - replaced about every 5 or so years for some but generally you get warning that it's going Oil seep from head bolts - easy fix Some broken gearbox bolts prior to 2013 (I think) but can be upgraded for under $100 Audio not the flashest but can be improved Genuine battery has an approximate life of 5 years - easy fix As you can see, they're not really "reliability" issues. More inconvenience issues. Very different to failed gearbox mechatronics units, cooked pistons etc. (VW group) There are plenty of high mileage Renaults out there, turbo and NA, and more than a few have seen hard use on the track. Some mechanics will generalise and it comes down to simple fear, ignorance and resistance to change. They only work with what they know and anything outside of that knowledge must be bad. Parts prices for general service items (oil filters, air filters, brake pads) are equivalent to Japanese parts prices. Major service items (timing belt, water pump every 4 years or 100k) will also be similar in cost when compared with Japanese. And before you're swayed that a timing chain is better than a an old fashioned timing belt, do a google search for timing chain stretch and see how many Japanese vehicles are afflicted with the problem..... Like any brand car, If you look for car with a documented service history I think you'll find yourself with a reliable long termer. Add to that a fairly level headed knowledge base on here should issues arise 😊
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    Hi all first timer here second time RS owner first 2014 Clio RS200 Trophy, now 2019 Megane RS300 Trophy, well don't need the viagra anymore !!
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    Just saying hi and here’s a pic of my 280 cup. Have had it for 2 weeks so far and I love it more each time I drive it.
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    New rims are on finally, the original wheel bolts fit perfectly as well so a bolt on affair. Next up is a suspected worn engine mount.
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    Hi guys, my name is Rene and I come from Zagreb, Croatia. I own a Clio 197 (turbocharged, not a Meglio) & a Megane 265 Cup (with 20T hybrid setup). A couple of existing members recommended me this forum due to the fact we make uprated ball joints for the RS Clio mk3 and Megane Mk3/4. Also, we make lightweight crankshaft pulleys for the RS Megane mk2/3, Clio Mk2/3. Cheers!
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    After nine years in a Liberty wagon my wife threw down an ultimatum: "Too big, too black - I miss the wrx." The brief was simple, something small and yellow. The solution was just as simple and a perfect excuse to get something fun to complement the snow-friendly Subie. We are not exactly new to the quirks of Renault, having previously owned a 4 and a 12, but a manual Clio Cup is the first real performer. The Liberty is, as you would expect, quicker, but the little yella fella is way more fun on our many local twisties. Thanks to everyone for the information gleaned while lurking for the past three months.
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    Hi there! Just bought my first French car a few days before Christmas! 2006 Megane Sport 225 in Burnt Orange. I've been competing in the TSD class at Targa in the Elise and I'm absolutely hooked on Tarmac Rally! But the plan is to step up to GT Sports Trophy in 2021 and I really don't want to fit a roll cage into the Lotus. The goal was to find a car with the same fun factor, but that'll also be more practical to use with a roll cage and has a reliable drivetrain. Rob240 convinced me I couldn't go wrong with a Renault Sport. 🤣 It's not currently registered and there are a few small jobs to be done before I take it for a blue slip. First task was to charge the battery as it'd been sitting for almost six months. Of course, after getting it off the trailer and parked up safely the bonnet then refused to open! This was probably my fault for sitting the jump-battery on the point where the bonnet release cable joins! The link had separated. All fixed now after some reading online. Next step is to revert the BOV back to a diverter and fix the passenger side headlight. Plan is to use it for commuting for at least six months or so to shake it down and get a feel for the car. If all goes well then I'll start stripping it down to be built up as the red headed step-child of Black Betty. 😀 Any advice on the best way to get hold of the workshop manuals is greatly appreciated! I've spent some time searching around but a lot of the links seem to be for other models or no longer working... Happy to buy them if someone can recommend a reputable source.
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    OK. 1. Don't go into a stealership saying 'i want that car' 2. Do go into a stealership saying 'i want that car for $xxk but i'm also cross-shopping against a GTi / R / ST / STi ' etc...etc... DO NOT APPEAR over eager. 3. Find a stealership that has the actual car you want. They will be MUCH more eager to sell at a good price than a stealer who has to order it 4. What colour do you want (this relates to 3 above)? 5. What build date do you want? Remember that a late 2018 build is about to turn two years old. That is a strong lever you have. 6. Do shop interstate. I just got my RS for about 8k less than my state were prepared to go. It took me a 2 day round trip, which was actually very nice, a bit more paperwork, but a great saving. Good luck
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    Gambit I am definitely no car reviewer but I’ll give it a go! Meg 3 275 Very firm ride (which I loved but some passengers complained) 3 door so quite tight in the back Loved the alcantara touches but some parts of the cabin were fairly basic and felt cheap Sound was fantastic - spitting and popping through the akrapovic exhaust Feels like a car that you have to drive and the more you drive it the more reward it gave you. I found the handling to be sharp and accurate. Despite some of the reviews I read I found the clutch and gearbox easy to live with, I have only ever driven manuals though Personally I thought it was a very good looking car Boot space was deceptively good - better then the golf R Technology lacking with no heated seats, lane departure, apple play, etc. Again for what I wants in a car I didn’t miss any of these things but when you compare with other cars in the price range... Golf R Very fast and absolutely sticks to the road. Everything about the car is excellent - but here lies the problem. It does everything for you - floor the accelerator and it will work out how to put the power down going through the gears with computerised skill. Point it into a corner and it will grip and hold. All four wheels working to propel you forward or around a corner - but it’s all done for you. It’s so refined it’s almost boring Very versatile - could drive it like a race car or put the parents in the back and take a drive to Berry in comfort mode Had to work hard to get any decent sound from the car Meg 4 Only had it a week! So far I have driven it back from Melbourne in a dealer permit and sorted all the registration out Friday. Took it out this morning. Already I find it more engaging then the Golf but definitely not as quick. Few times I have not got the power right on launched and the front has struggled to get the power down. I am getting better though and should have this sorted - mainly driver error at this point. Don’t like everything controlled through r-link - bugs me that I have to constantly mess with it switching from AC controls to map to whatever else - feels like to much is going through it now. Glad I went for the Cup - I want a car that makes me smile and this does. Again still getting use to what you can do but on the twisties it’s been fantastic. Suspension is super firm but no more then what I remember from the 275. Love having a soundtrack back! Hand break is slightly awkward - feels a little high but for me this is out weighed by having a hand brake back! Loving the gear box - again I read a review that talked to it being “clunky” but I love the solid feel of the gears clicking into place Overall it all comes down to what you want. The Golf is a fantastic car - it really does everything. Put the parents in the back and set it to normal and you have a well behaved hatch with a lot of poke should you want it. Take it out on your own and set it to race and away you go - however, for me to much is done for you. The Megane’s are harder to live with in respect to their set up but this is only a problem if you bought one without doing your research! I also found that the Renault has a certain following that understands that - whether it was a 265, 275 etc you always get a knowing nod when you bump into a fellow owner. Golf’s, if you include the GTI, seem to be everywhere and most seem to be driven by car owners rather then car enthusiasts.
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    Thanks guys! Actually not my first Clio, I owne a mkII RS back in 2002 when they where new! Happy to be back on board the frogmobile!
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