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    Morning all First post. I've just bought Safetymans beautiful 197-keeping the name Lucy. Amazing car, obviously been cherished and he was a lovely guy to deal with-very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about RS's. Car is as tight as a drum and looks great on the Megane grey wheels. Loved it so much driving home I thought 'mmm-maybe I should daily it' but really want to keep the klms down and in it's current condition. Unfortunately they beg to be driven-conundrum. Then I remembered-what about the 200 Trophy for sale with 55klms, some cosmetic issues and needing belts etc? Spoke to the guy-another really nice bloke. Clearly not an enthusiast like you dudes but owned from new with receipts for servicing etc. Went to look at it yesterday and it drove fantastically well. He'd really gone overboard on the cosmetic issues and the fundamental car's gem. Bought it-$6k-cheap enough to get the belts done and deal with a couple of cosmetic issues-won't worry about some of them. So-now got Lucy and Gareth (naming him after previous owner) tucked up in the garage ready to enjoy-one daily, the little lady on Sundays! We're up in the Hunter-some great driving roads up here. Be great to meet some of you for a drive day up here!
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    Hi all. This seems like an excellent forum from what I've read so far, frequented by grown ups who know what they're doing. You never can be sure in the land of car enthusiasts I live in the Southern Highlands not far from Sydney. I'm here because I'm considering a 172 or 182 as a fun run-around to replace my current Saab 9-5 Aero. I know – here in Aus us Saab fans are probably an even rarer breed than Renault fans, and harder to understand! I've had a few Saab's , from a 900, a modified 9-3 coupe, a base spec $800 9-5 wagon when we had our first child, a 9-3 V6 wagon, to the car I own and love today – a Saab 9-5 Aero wagon with 5-speed manual. An unusual car over here and one which I've put a lot of time, love and of course several $ into. It has a completely rebuilt motor with forged pistons, all new chains and balance shafts etc, full suspension refresh (other than a few bushes in the rear end) with Bilstein B8's & matched progressive springs from Maptun, subframe bushes all done, front wheel bearings done, all the filters, oil pressure switch, thermostat, crank sensor and the list goes on and on. Basically it's had a pretty full go over, so it's a solid, reliable, reasonably quick (~230-250hp, safely sub 7s 0-100) old bus. It has a stock exhaust system, but if I replace the turbo downpipe with a 3" piece and a fuel pressure regulator I could get this thing to +300hp/+440nm, which might be fun in pure grunt terms. It also has great A/C, heated/ventilated seats, sunroof, carries 5 people and a dog, and there are practically none of these around, particularly with a manual box. It's not perfect, but it's a nice bit of kit. So why sell? I'm not sure except to say we are planning to spend some time in Europe in about 2 years so I will probably have to sell at that point. A Saab guy in QLD has shown some interest, so a reasonable offer now might be wise to accept. Believe it or not these cars are starting to increase in value, so holding on to it isn't necessarily a bad idea. But now I'm quite smitten with the idea of a cheap-ish chassis-focused hot hatch, and something equally a bit left field like the Clio makes sense. I'm not really asking "should I, or shouldn't I" – just introducing myself. So... Should I, or shouldn't I? A few build photos If there are any 172/182 owners in the region I'd be interested in meeting up!
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    New rims are on finally, the original wheel bolts fit perfectly as well so a bolt on affair. Next up is a suspected worn engine mount.
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    A Saab 9-5 Aero has always been on my 'must haves' list. Having a manual wagon in that colour makes it the ultimate spec! Also @walkie86 - I'm fairly sure that any Saab purchase is an instant tax deduction for any architect as it is a tool of the trade.
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    Huh? Recaros not a true bucket seat? I think that depends on your size. If you’re built like a jockey you’ll slide a bit, but for me, they are a perfect fit and very comfortable too. No issue with 19s either - 245/35 is a common size for big sedans and will fit the 8.25 inch rim. There are so many deals around you can get decent tyres at reasonable prices. Bridgestone often do four for the price of three and RE003s are great.
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    Thanks dudes Woke up this morning thinking maybe Lucy and Gareth had got it on overnight in the garage and I'd find a baby RS275 sitting between them-but no. still plenty of time they're just getting to know each other!
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    Personally the 18 v. 19 thing is a bit of a beat up, I went from 18 to 19 and sure the ride is a little firmer but far from harsh, and frankly if that is a problem you're looking at the wrong car. Also tyre cost, meh, I think "way cheaper" is a stretch. Only valid reason in my book is more availability of semi slicks in 18's. Tyre for tyre a smaller sidewall will always win in the handling Dept. Rant over. Echoing the positive comments above a solid choice for sure. Service history is always nice to have, as is knowing who looked after it. Belts are key of course, but equally them being done properly is too. They really are pretty bullet proof if looked after, my 250 has ticked over 170k's and going strong, I know of at least one that is north of 200 and tight as a drum and goes hard with a tune. Slightly rough running will likely be plugs, sometimes wrong plugs installed or just not replaced on time. Engine mounts are known to fail, but easily resolved. Beyond that it's just the regular niggles that come with a car thats a few years old, the horror stories you hear about French cars are just not true.
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    Thanks @walkie86 – agree it is actually the perfect spec for one of these. I've had moments where I've been a wannabe architect so can somewhat empathise. I have no idea if we could reach a satisfactory deal – I really would have to put some money in the bank if I end up selling – but regardless it'd be good to meet one day. You might like to come along with @cloudy to the Bowral Cars and Coffee, too Yep I live in Mittagong - can't say I've noticed you but I am usually overwhelmed by small children at parks, or walking in the bush, or at the swimming pool etc etc. What work brings you down? Great - please do! I'm sure I'll be there, I've missed a few lately but always enjoy it. I tend to be there early-ish (8am or thereabouts) so I can get back to Dad duties.
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    Hey mate, welcome. Love the SAAB. I may potentially be putting my 182 Cup up for sale in the coming weeks pending a hail damage insurance outcome for my wife’s car (long story). I’ll place an ad in here if I end up going ahead. Best of luck with the search. Ben
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    Shouldn't make any difference unless you make a claim on a failure of something in the exhaust system that fails as a result of the mod.
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    Hi everyone, Joining with my mk4 Megane RS. Keen to enjoy the car with likeminded people. Hopefully with less drama that the VAG community!
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    Damn you i was so tempted by that car, you scored a bargain deal on both counts, lucky you !
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    +1 I recently changed the oil and it quietened down my 2nd to 3rd shift a lot. It does still happen sometimes, but definitely nothing like before.
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    Thanks all for the warm welcome and helpful input. Also nice to see the Saab appreciated - not always the case!
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    Keep the Saab — after all that work and TLC, you’ll quickly regret selling it. Keep an eye out for a good 172, preferably from someone on here. Oh, and the Clio 3 linked by@apple3337 is a bit of a dog...in very many senses [emoji3064]
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    Thanks @apple3337 but i should point you to my prior post about being more inclined towards the bargain basement end – as in <4k. I know that puts me in tightarse territory, but it's where I belong 🤣
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    If you want a cheap-as-chips Clio then a 172 is the way to go. They start from around $2,500 and are sound cars mechanically, although electrics can be finicky. There are some cherished examples out there that are well looked after. I’ve got a 182 and I love it. Had it for over 2 years now and see no reason to sell it. Very fun at an speed. Yes I get that a 197/200 would be a more rounded car, but I wasn’t going for that. If I wanted a more rounded car I’d get something else (albeit a much greater cost). So I don’t think you’ll go wrong with a 172 and values won’t go down much from where they are - a contemporary Honda Jazz would set you back more!!!
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    Worth considering. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2010-renault-clio-sport-200-cup-trophee-manual-my10/SSE-AD-6343411/?Cr=1 A tiny bit more than 172/182 money but a desirable 200 on the Cup suspension. Cosmetically challenged but should be good mechanically.
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    Do love a good SAAB... have owned a couple of 900 Turbos back in the day. Have you considered a 197? Newer (some would say better) and a bit more grown up than a 172/182 and not much more $$.
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    Welcome to the fold. I don't have a Clio 2 to offer you but could I just sit in your 9-5 and be taken for a drive one day before you sell it? What a beautiful thing! Just drooling over the pics right now. I've had a 9-3 Aero in the past which was a gem but have always wanted to experience a 9-5 Aero! Can already imagine just how much better it would be, and that's before all your hard work poured into it...
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    Don't forget led globes into halogens.... Pretty sure avoiding the above 3 keeps it drama free [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Hope everyone is staying hydrated today! This morning, I picked up the card to my Renault MEGANE 265 Cup (AFAIK incorrectly advertised by the dealer as a Sport Limited). It’s been a long time in the making and a car I’ve always wanted, I sold my 6sp MY17 Golf R last Saturday and put a deposit down on this beauty on the Monday. Best part is that this gem was owned by a previous forum member and has been meticulously looked after and maintained. Thank you (you know who you are). For now, I’ll be focussing on learning the car and hopefully meeting some of you in the process. A delivery pic for your viewing pleasure
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