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    Hi Guys, just picked up my first Renault sport, an 05 blood orange sport cup 225. very happy with this one unlike my first.............. second Renault, this was the first one, a 1.6 Megane 04 hatch with 100k on the clock, bought it unlicensed and cleaned it up and got it over the pits for my niece to learn to drive in. Didn't even get through one tank of juice and the timing belt idler bearing decided to drop its babies at 5k rpm on a freeway on ramp, chaos ensued with the usual symphony of pistons vs valves. i towed it home and tried my best at some french swear words then just got on with it and stripped it down, redid the head, cleaned it all up and fitted all new timing gear which was a good learning project. its a happy runner now the 1.6 anyway but the 225 caught my eye and i picked it up this afternoon. Im in love, what a ripper package! cheers Shaun
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    Hi Guys. I just got myself a 2013 rs265 trophy+. I only got her yesterday and i am already in love. Exhaust and induction note are a little on the quiet side, looks like the mods are not far off.🤣 I am located on the Gold Coast and looking forward to meeting some local owners! This is the only pic i have as the weather is terrible at the moment. Cheers Ben =
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    Thanks for the welcome. She is booked in for centre resonator delete tomorrow.
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    Have you been in a Meg 2? Lots of storage/cubbyholes in them!
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