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  2. How about you come up a little and me down and we meet some where in the middle for cash today and you can drive it home today
  3. She is a dirty little whore 😅
  4. If you add in DaveJay (whom I recall you bought it from?) that takes the cake. @rob 240's #46 has had 6 forum owners too! What are the plans for your beast @Touge?
  5. Never mind certainly sounds like #60 takes the cake for most owned hahaha
  6. Yesterday
  7. We've probably got the biggest a***hole of a motor registry to deal with for that though. I received a $600 refund from ACT when I bought my 265 and even Tassie refunded a small component. Bonus with Tassie was I got to keep the plates too so the kids have one each in their bedrooms. No arguments [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  8. From my recent experience, it's seldom worth the bother trying to chase interstate rego refunds. I posted this on another forum. I recently purchased a car from NSW and just had it registered in QLD. So I thought I would enquire with NSW RMS about getting a refund on the unused portion of the rego. Vehicle has 3 months left with the expiry date 8th October. The maths goes like this: 1. Registration component is non-refundable. We only refund the road tax component on a pro rata basis. This is $280 for 12 months so pro rata is $70. 2. In order to do this, rego has to be transferred to me first. $34 admin fee. $36 remaining. 3. After it is transferred to me, it can be cancelled. $30 admin fee. $6 remaining. 4. “I’m sorry sir, we don’t refund amounts less than $6 but we can hold that as credit for you for future dealings with RMS”. But I live in QLD, why would I have future dealings with RMS NSW. 5. Net gain. $0. So how about I try and get a refund on the CTP. Contact the insurer. The premium was $400 for 12 months so maybe I can get $100 back. 1. Need to provide proof of cancelled rego from RMS first. F#$@! 2. I didn’t bother asking what the admin fee would be…I just gave up. Fun times…
  9. What are you saying? It's straight out of the Naughty But Nice catalogue... 😝 Agreed the car looks to be well cared for. The 200 with the Recaros (listed as a 197) could be hard to go past as well. a lot of value in that spec.
  10. Looks like it’s on decent condition, how about I make an offer of 5k
  11. I’ll think about it, currently low on money and busy aswell but thanks anyway
  12. #60 - Iceberg Silver - dave200, Central Coast NSW September 2018 (ex-stoogey, Sydney May 2018 (ex-jamesdub, Sydney, ex-jimtron4000, Melbourne ex bblues00 Melbourne, ex-bgo172 For Sale Melbourne VIC 25/1/14)
  13. How many member owners has #60 had Dave? 😂😅
  14. Nah I think that award goes to mine, #60 😂
  15. It may well have had the highest number of forum owners out of all the 85 PH1 haha 😂
  16. Hey guys been a while since I had that great little car. I was the seller in WA. I got it from Sydney, was in Canberra for a bit then Perth now Adelaide lol it's been around Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  17. rob 240


    big welcome - great choice ! hope to meet up at events
  18. some vendor somewhere sells this body kit !
  19. this type of style bolts on original holes - different ones are available
  20. you'd need to drill holes for these... the lip spoilers should bolt on to the original points 👍 damn, that silver one would fit on the Lemons car ! 😎🍋
  21. That's a $100 flight these days. And you get refunded the registration that's remaining until December.
  22. Love to see that it’s still going strong ( Was the most fun car I’ve ever driven at road legal speeds) enjoy it and remember preventative servicing is a must with these cars
  23. One more question, if I wanted to put a spoiler on the car would I need to drill holes or is it got some special attatchemn option?
  24. One elderly owner [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  25. From reading the 'Phase 1 Register' I can see the car has been owned by roughly 9 people including forum members ArgieBargie, Mercury172, Silver172, Gezza and La23s. I am wondering if there is any way to tag members in posts to notify them? (I have already spoken significantly to La23s but would love as much information as possible)
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