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Very sunny greetings from Perth, WA

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G'day all, joined the forum a few weeks ago, thought I should give myself a bit of an introduction.

Currently own a 2015 Clio IV Expression 1.2 with just under 70,000 clicks from new, my wife and I absolutely love driving it, and personally, no better bang for buck for it's princely price of 19K drive away.

Having said that, coming close to the end of the 5 year warranty, and after test driving it's competition, we wanted to stick to a Renault, preferably a Clio but one with a bit more driving involvement, and so, last Saturday, we put our money down on a almost new 2017 Clio Trophy 220 with only 42km on the clock in liquid yellow (best colour for an RS in our opinion)

This is going to be a daily driven, mostly  by my wife on Mon-Fri as I have a Street Triple R that I ride to work, but will definitely be looking forward to listening to the Akra's on the weekends. 😁

I'll update this thread with more pics when we pick the car up on Wednesday, in the mean time, here are some pics of our current Clio and the soon to be adopted 220 😍

Cheers, Tigon



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Enjoy the difference, it may take a little getting used to.

And a warning, you are going to start hating every other car on the road. They will keep getting in front of you and slowing you down

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Nice choice! I have to say the lights in the new RS models are awesome. Saw one in an underground parking station the other day. Fabulous. Perfect colour too!

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Best of the Mk 4 Clios in the best paint colour ever! Enjoy... 😁

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