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  1. Hey mate. Welcome aboard. Beautiful ride.
  2. Hey mate. Welcome aboard. Pics please.
  3. Hey mate. Welcome aboard. I'm new as well plenty of knowledge on this forum.👍
  4. Welcome aboard. Pics please.
  5. Welcome aboard. 👍
  6. Awesome ride. Love the white as well.
  7. Great pic 👍 and he will definitely notice the difference 😉
  8. simmsy

    Newbie 1st post

    Hey Shaun Welcome aboard. Nice ride. I am a newbie as well looks likes heaps of knowledge on here. Cheers Ben
  9. Yeah she is a beauty. A good wax job is 1st on the list after the de res tomorrow. Red cars and Aussie sun don't go the best together do they.
  10. Thanks for the welcome. She is booked in for centre resonator delete tomorrow.
  11. Hi Guys. I just got myself a 2013 rs265 trophy+. I only got her yesterday and i am already in love. Exhaust and induction note are a little on the quiet side, looks like the mods are not far off.🤣 I am located on the Gold Coast and looking forward to meeting some local owners! This is the only pic i have as the weather is terrible at the moment. Cheers Ben =
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