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  1. Maaarlon

    New toy.

  2. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    I will be parking about a meter away from kerbs! Mine is 377 - located in Knoxfield. Its gone into Alpine Affaire this morning for a major service.
  3. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    Saying that, I may avoid Woolies and Bunnings car parks 😁 every single battle scar my last car earned came from those places.
  4. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    Ah, he mentioned that he knew somebody else who owned one. I plan to keep it standard due to its rarity whilst still enjoying the car and not wrapping it in cotton wool. What do you drive now?
  5. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    Yup, and Sandown & Winton with my 320 BHP Ford Focus XR5 which i sold to buy the Megane.
  6. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    New toy Picked up my Megane RB8 yesterday, booked it into Alpine Affaire today for a service inc timing & v belt kits, water pump etc. Looking forward to taking it to Phillip Island track in March!
  7. So I getting the timing kit, all the little seals, water pump + gasket, and the v belt kit (inc tensioner) for $360 All genuine parts.
  8. Maaarlon

    Where do people have their cars serviced? Melbourne.

    Apline Affaire it is then, very close to where i live.
  9. Maaarlon

    Where do people have their cars serviced? Melbourne.

    Thanks. Waverley Renault (main dealer) also have a lot of positive reviews - do people agree with this?
  10. Hello Which garages do people recommend in Melbourne? Thanks
  11. Not a chance! So it turns out one of my inlaws works for Renault in France - He is getting me a nice discount on the genuine bits. I was going to ask Waverly Renault or Alpine Affaire to fit the parts in Melb.
  12. Hi I am in the process of buying a Megane RS265 RB8 (2013). I have discovered that the timing belt is overdue, are these the correct parts? https://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/renault/renault-130c12131r-set-timer-sft-drv/ https://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/renault/renault-7701479043-water-pump-2l-1-9d-megane-laguna/ or https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/water-pump-timing-belt-kit-10553/renault/megane/megane-iii-coupe-dz0-1/57297-2-0-r-s Lot of cheap options on the last link - but are they any good?? Cheers!
  13. Maaarlon

    Small rattle? Red Bull RB8 Megane RS

    I agree in regard to missing the 5 cylinder engine, it gave the car a lot of character.
  14. Maaarlon

    Small rattle? Red Bull RB8 Megane RS

    Thanks for all your replies - I went back and checked out the car again, i could not recreate the noise! Glad the oil leak is nothing serious - I guess the current owner will need to have this fixed for the roadworthy, or the mechanic will just clean the oil off. One thing that is disappointing, despite having a full main dealer history the car has not had the timing belt done. I have read its every 4 years or 100K which ever comes first. Car is late 2013 with 28000 kms of the clock. I spoke with the service dept where the car had always been serviced, they did not acknowledge the 4 year interval. Odd. So the XR5 I have sold was around 320 BHP, so quite heavily modified. Hence the Megane feeling a bit slower.
  15. Hello I have just put a deposit on a RB8 Megane RS - car is a mint example -one owner, full Renault history, super low KM's, etc. Only thing i picked up on during the inspection was the following: 1. With the engine idling, a rattling noise can be heard when gently blipping the throttle. This vanishes as soon as the revs increase. Any ideas?? 2. Oil on top of the cam cover (underneath the main cover that sits on top of engine) - it could be the somebody spilt oil when filling and its run onto the top?? No oil underneath car. Any assistance is much appreciated!! Just sold a Focus XR5 Turbo to buy this - The Megane does not feel as quick during acceleration, but i bought it for the cornering ability and braking power. Owned two 5 GT Turbos and a 19 16 Valve back the the UK. Cheers!!