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    New owner Hi - 2005 Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Hi Henri, appreciate your insight. A copy of the works you had some would be great!
  2. lachlan8

    New owner Hi - 2005 Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Thanks very much its certainly not the tyres as they're new so will focus on the bearings. will check the muffler mounts which I totally neglected and wait on word from the mechanic! Thanks, Lachlan
  3. hi all, just wanted to drop in and say hi. I've been snooping around these forums for a month or so whilst i tried to find a clio sport. I've wanted one now since released so about 18 years! Yesterday i finally put down a deposit on a silver 182 Cup. The Price was too good to pass up given the condition (albeit does have a couple of qn marks mechanically..) Bit unsure if this is the appropriate place to address my "qn marks" but it would certainly put my mind at ease if other forum members could chip in on a few things: 1.) it seems to have a drone from the rear of the car, i've read here wheel bearings are a common issue so leaning this way. Just unsure if it could be something really nasty? 2.) a small rattle from rear (i'm actually not very stressed about this so unsure why i'm even noting it!) 3.) i have seen the members here suggest only buying a car with a good service history and confirmation around items such as the timing belt... I'll be honest the logbook in this one was less than perfect and was unable to confirm when the timing belt was done. The owner is going to check with his mechanic around this. I am simply going to assume i need to get it done prior to really driving the car (i'm in no rush) as it has 178XXXkm on it. Otherwise she all looked good bar aircon that doesn't work and auto wipers that don't! can't wait! pic attached for viewing pleasure and look forward to meetings and all the contacts/resources here.