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  1. Bill29

    Long Term Reliability? 2014 Megane R.s. 265 Cup

    Before you by your Renault take the plastic engine cover off and inspect for any oil weeping or residue around the rocker cover bolts or Ignition coils. The vehicle may be mechanically fine with this minor oil weeping, but this will cause oil to cook off and an oily coal smell to enter the cabin. This may be caused by the rocker cover seal failing. To fix this problem will either require the rocker cover being redone which will require all the belts to also be replaced. Or a shorter term fix by resealing the bolts individually. I purchase a mechanically sound 265 trophy+ with 37 km on the clock only to discover this annoying issue. Although I love the car It took some time to figure out first what the problem was exactly and also how to solve it. Also check how much disc is left on the brakes, before you buy and take that into consideration as you may buy a car which will require new discs in a few months. Note if your A/C is unusually noisy might mean its on its way out, should that fail its a pain the arse to replace or an expensive trip to the garage.
  2. Bill29

    Minor Oil sweating from top of F4rT engine

    Thank you, i'm also glad i went to get the degresse, so i can see what the issue probably is. It just sucks its a very annoying problem.
  3. Bill29

    Minor Oil sweating from top of F4rT engine

    Hello Oz Renault i have had the top of the motor degreesed and located where the oil is weeping from. It appears to be from the four bolts on top of the rocker cover. Please note the oil weeping from these bolts in the photos is minor as it has just been degreesed by cox auto the day before. Mechanics aren't able to advise exactly what the issue is, doesn't appear to be leaking from anywhere else.
  4. Bill29

    Minor Oil sweating from top of F4rT engine

    Hey thank you. I'll still get it checked out when possible. My only real frustration is oil smell as it is cooking off on the top of the motor. I'll still get it checked out when possible
  5. I've got an on going oil sweating/ minor leak at tge top of my F4rT engine. Just appears around spark plugs. Had local mechanic replace a minor seal. Doesn't seem to be a leak so much as heavy sweating at top of motor. Curious if this is a know issue with engine model? Also is Paris auto in boxhill a good spot to get a service ?