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  1. kaelmcerlane

    Gutter Rash

    Any luck mate?
  2. kaelmcerlane

    Badge removal?

    Fishing line
  3. kaelmcerlane

    Gutter Rash

    Hey Renault fans! New to the Forum and a first time Renault (14 Clio cup trophy) owner, being a second-hand car there is a bit of gutter rash on the rear wheels :/ does anybody recommend a wheel restorer/powder coat painter in Melbourne & roughly know how much $$ to restore and paint. thanks for your time.
  4. kaelmcerlane

    Clio Rs Mods

    Where in Melbourne?
  5. kaelmcerlane

    Clio Rs Mods

    thanks mate
  6. kaelmcerlane

    Clio Rs Mods

    Hey there new to the forum and will be picking up my clio the week, pretty stoked! What’s the latest with you exhaust modifications? Have you though much about the resonator delete? I saw in another thread a member had the resonator removes for $70, keep me posted cheers
  7. kaelmcerlane

    Clio Rs Mods

    How much approx for res delete?
  8. kaelmcerlane

    New Renault owner

    Hey there! Where abouts is this exhaust place you speak of? And was it $70 to remove the cat and fit a straight pipe in position?