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    RS275 Cup Premium

    Contact is Kevin at Essendon Renault. 0421034999. About a fortnight ago I had planned to buy a 275 cup from him until I found out it was ex-rental. Kevin rang me offering the 275 premium as it is supposedly a good car. Model is 2015 275 cup premium with all the goods Akroprovic exhaust ect. 31,500km I think he said, black in colour. They offered to me around $27k, Im in Coffs Harbour and our last deal was to freight the car here, so I didn't go into it any further. I saw this car on carsales a fortnight ago and could not get in touch with the owner, the owner did not give a personal number and you had to ring him through car sales phone number, I never got through to him and never returned my msg. It was priced at 27k on carsales. I do not know anymore about this car. I recently gave deposit on a 265 cup otherwise I would be interested in investigating further. I do not have notifications turned on for the forum, so if you need to further contact me, probably best on 0439730284 Regards Mark, best of luck
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