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  1. Inkblot

    RS265 or 275

    Hi All, A quick update. I managed to get myself a 2016 RS 275 Cup (non premium) in Flame Red. Getting it from interstate, so I will share some photos when it arrives and I have had a chance to take it for a few drives. Thanks for everyone’s help.
  2. Inkblot

    RS265 or 275

    Thanks. I am looking to spend up to $26k. I have seen a few between $24-28k. I have been warned some that appear in market are ex-rentals and to stay clear of them.
  3. Inkblot

    RS265 or 275

    Thanks all for the fast and helpful feedback. I will keep searching/shopping. @chuckovski thanks for sharing info about your Trophy+. I am currently aiming for a 2015/2016 with warranty until 2021-2021.
  4. Inkblot

    RS265 or 275

    Hi All, I have looked through the forums to help me make a call on if I should get a 265 Cup or 275 Cup. I can find a range for sale from 2015-2016 with warrenty left. What I am struggling with is the below: Will I notice a difference driving a 265 vs 275? Is the difference between a 2015 vs 2016? They seem the same to me. I understand the premium, non-premium and Trophy differances. Has anyone brought one from interstate in the past and brought the car to QLD? How was the experience? Thanks