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  1. I never actually had looked up the particular colour name for the 182. Thanks for that 😊
  2. Hey guys, New member, been into these little cars for a while but was never affiliated with any forums. Previous to getting into Renault's I was into Japanese cars (sedans & hot hatches) as well as Australian classic cars (namely the old Falcon's). I currently own a RSC182 non cup variant. I call it the little roach as it is in pearl black (*correction Black Gold, thanks @Vaughan*). At the moment it is completely stock with the the only mod prior to purchase being a bluetooth MP3 head-deck - unsure if I will keep as purchased or if i will attempt to restore. Previously I had owned a RSC172 which built my appreciation for these little Frenchie RSC. My dream Renault at this stage is the Matt Grey A&D. Hoping to learn a little bit more about these cars by reading through the forum. Ta
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