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  1. Shwngo

    I just brought a 265 Trophy!

    Thanks guys! im the annoying girl who doesn’t like anything that’s common (hence choosing the megane over a WRX for instance) and they grey just seemed to be the colour I was most drawn too! It is going to be my daily so here’s hoping it’s appropriate for that hahahaha
  2. Shwngo

    I just brought a 265 Trophy!

    Good morning all. Thought I’d say a quick hello, as I put down a deposit on a 265 trophy yesterday (my first ever Renault) and should be picking it up next weekend. I know that the VW and Focus drivers will now hate me ( and probably refuse to let me in front of them in traffic lol) But given it’s my first ever euro model car (previous cars were a AE82 Corolla twin cam and currently a Proton Satria GTI - so I really have jumped ship!) I’m gonna have questions, so when they do pop up, please be nice to the noob 😂 This is my new baby