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  1. BarBoSa

    Hey From Cape Town...

    Mods done thus far: Airtec Stage 1 Pre-Facelift Intercooler in Black (Warm Climate) Link Injen Cold Air Intake V2 (Silver) Link NGK IX Iridium iFR7X7G Plugs Link Decat Downpipe and resonater / mid delete Powerflex Front-Right Upper-Engine Mount Insert (Road Series) Link Silver Project Camber Plates Link H&R Sport Springs Link Wulfchiptegnik Stage 2 Tune Link
  2. BarBoSa

    Hey From Cape Town...

    Update, my French Girl running full Stage 2 now 😁
  3. BarBoSa

    Hey From Cape Town...

    Thank you, had her on the dyno last week and only mod so far is a decat and mid-delete, running stock boost, no mapping yet, quite happy with the results!
  4. BarBoSa

    Hey From Cape Town...

    Hey Guys and Gals... Yes, Cape Town, unfortunately the Renault scene in SA is not much of a scene 😅 So this is my Megane 3 RS Cup, always wanted one and when this one came available I couldn't resist. I'm planning quite a few upgrades for her and already ordered quite a few "go-faster" & "go-lower" parts for her from Europe.