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  1. Jamiec

    First time Renault owner

  2. Jamiec

    First time Renault owner

    ttimbo modifying cars is often with the heart not the head, if I had to crack the gearbox of the clio(I am a mechanic) I would put an LSD in it, mine won't see the track, that's what the AE86 is for, that car I spent $15K on a gearbox, in a car probably worth that, heart......not head!!
  3. Jamiec

    First time Renault owner

    Thanks ttimbo but I wanted a small hatch for a daily, the Megane is Focus sized and wasn't interested, also didn't want a turbo, NA! I love the Clio, just needs LSD.
  4. Jamiec

    First time Renault owner

    A few weeks back I bought a 2012 Clio RS Cup Trophy, it's going to be my new daily and replaces my imported AE111 Corolla Levin Coupe as my daily. I imported the Levin 13 years ago at 62,000 I had a friend find me a completely standard one in Japan, it has now clocked just over 200,000km and has been absolutely reliable, it's a BZ-G which means Super strut front suspension(think Revoknuckle/perfohub before anyone else), it's fitted with the 20 valve 4age, helical lsd, it has been a really fun car, with a great little engine. I also own a track AE86 which I have owned for 24 years, it's fitted with a turbo 20 valve 4AGE and a Quaife sequential 6 speed, it's an absolute hoot. My other car is a 2016 RS Focus. SO the little Clio, well what a car, to say I love it is an understatement, this is such a cool little car, I LOVE IT, it's sooooo much more fun than the RS Focus, the Focus you just can't use on the streets, we're too heavily policed and there are too many self-righteous dobbers with dash cams, the Clio is just so useable whilst being super funny, always eager just like a little puppy dog. The only criticism I have is why the hell did they not fit an LSD, if they had this car would be 100%, I really like the keyless entry, Recaros etc, but why no LSD?