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  1. tez275

    Price range ?

    I've actually seen this car in person at the dealership. I went to see the 275 cup they had there. The car is really clean and looks to be in great condition. Customer service experience at this dealership was awful, though. Hopefully if you head down there, your experience will be better.
  2. tez275

    Newbie looking for some expert opinions

    Well, for what's available on Carsales, you're looking at 31-33k for a Cup and 35-38k for a Cup Premium. I dare say that might be worth all the extras that come with the Premium. Only my opinion, of course.
  3. tez275

    Newbie looking for some expert opinions

    So you think waiting for a car with the extras (ie recaro, akra, maybe sunroof) isn't worth it?
  4. tez275

    Newbie looking for some expert opinions

    Have had a look at this one, thanks, but out of my price range unfortunately
  5. Hi All, Been lurking for a while now but thought I should post and say g'day. I'm just about ready to upgrade my current car and I am looking at a RS275! Me being me, I'm picky and want a white one so I am holding out for now until I find the right one. I am super keen to get a premium with the recaros and akra exhaust. I don't know if it's worth me biting the bullet and getting a cup, without these features. Is it worth the wait and the extra $$$? I think it might be, but just want to see what the OzRS forum thinks. Cheers, Tez