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  1. Marsch

    Clio R.S. 200 Cup Premium - Newbie

    Welcome! More photos especially of the details (checkered flag), please.
  2. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    Btw, this reminds me of an advertisement from a German Porsche dealer on an internet sales platfrom. 1.6 Liter and 128 hp...hahaha.
  3. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    Possible that it's such spec but we don't have anything that's called Trophy/Trophee (or Luxe) in Germany to my knowledge and therefore don't differentiate them that way. Here you only have "standard" ones, Cups or special editions.
  4. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    Btw, that's not correct. At least not on the "international" level. I know this for sure because I drove the black 200 in the photo below last weekend and started it with a key.
  5. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    No problem. The thing is that I actually read something about a Phase 3 C3RS somewhere else before (IIRC on a French site) and thought you'd have some more infos about it. Btw, a Clio 4 200 gets referred to as 200T and the 220 simply as 220 with a Trophy added if necessary to avoid confusion. That's at least how the Brits handle it. In Germany we just call them C4RS Phase 1 and 2 plus Trophy if the case.
  6. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    We don't even have something we call Phase 3. It's either Phase 1 (197) or 2 (200). What should be the difference between a Phase 2 vs. 3?
  7. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    The easiest but not 100% fail safe way is to look at the calipers. Red Brembos normally only came with the cup chassis. Everything else that has red ones had them changed or repainted afterwards. There maybe are some exceptions to this with some of the special editions (like the Gordinis which can have silver ones even with Cup suspension for example) or end of the production circle cars where they threw on/in everything that they still had on the shelves. Something interesting is that only the 200 Cups and special editions with that chassis seem to have the 7.5% quicker steering rack. So far I thought that this also is the case for the 197 Cups and editions but it seems I was wrong.
  8. Marsch

    New to Renault

    Welcome in the RS family.
  9. Marsch

    Site theme

    Thanks for giving me eye cancer. 😎
  10. Marsch

    Rs 265 hatch rust?

    Don't get turned away that easy. I don't know how it is with the Meganes but I'd guess they've the same warranty/guarantee regulations as a C3RS and there it's 12 years for corrosion. And that's what's the case here as it's not just a paint related issue which may actually be out of warranty by now. I'd have thought that Renault offers that MY Renault thing worldwide. Have you tried this here? https://www.myrenault-me.com/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2F
  11. Marsch

    Rs 265 hatch rust?

    ^Are we a little confused today? My Clio has a (anti) corrosion guarantee that runs 144 month/12 years. I'd guess that's the same for the Megane? You can check that by registering (your car) at "MY Renault".
  12. Marsch

    Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    I've already adressed this with the "1 out of 4" comment somewhere above. I've posted this because I just found these numbers and think they're interesting, show the size of the respective markets and put the whole thing a bit more into perspective.
  13. Marsch

    Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    ^That's a lie! On a more serious note. Here are the official world wide sales numbers for 2017 (starts on page 14). https://group.renault.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/march-2018-edition-facts-figures.pdf It isn't differentiating between RS and none RS models but it should put the sizes of the markets and the numbers in perspective.
  14. Marsch

    Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    You get/sell about 3000 Clio 4 a year of which 1/4 are RS if the numbers I found are correct. In Germany about 2000 Clio 4 get registered each month and if only 1/10 are RS...you'll get the picture. An other example would be that Germany gets 400 R.S.18 while you get 10. I know that some issues can get fixed by adjusting the "pressure ratio" but that has nothing to do with the "getting into gear" problems I mentioned but rather with some strange noises comming out of the drive train or a slipping clutch (feeling). That's at least what I got. What I also got is that more than just one person had the "round about issue" I mentioned above. About the power loss. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/renault-clio-4-rs-200-with-16-liter-turbo-actually-makes-181-hp-video-99092.html Just because it's not on here or the UK forums doesn't means the problem doesn't exists. Besides that I doubt that even half of the people will actually notice the difference between 160, 180 or 200 THP. Not to talk about that the issue isn't always prevalent and can be an on/off thing depending on driving style and other circumstances like temperatures. Like said it's a known issue and I've talked to somebody working at a Renault dealer who has a Phase 1 with exactly this problem in person just last month. It's nothing only existing in my imagination.
  15. Marsch

    Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    @stromlo: Go to post #11 and read what I've said there. If you think that the few C4RS you've down there are of any relevance as sample mass compared to the thousands driving around in Germany alone then I can't help you.