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  1. Marsch

    Happy new Megane GT owner

    That's possible because the traitors at Renault have used it for certain GT (Line) versions before. I say traitors because Malta-Blue is actually the (modern) Gordini colour and should therefore be reserved only to said editions in my opinion. They could have easily gone with Albi-Blue (Monaco-Blue) instead which isn't that different but no special edition colour.
  2. Marsch

    Happy new Megane GT owner

    Hello and welcome. I sat in a GT last year and played around with it a bit. Not my cup of tea but it didn't made a bad impression. At least over here the colour is called Iron-Blue (TE RQH). Malta-Blue (TE RNT) is the Gordini colour. I was told that this colour was reserved for the Megane GT and certain Clios. Renault's decision are often not understandable. I for example don't get why Bamboo-Green isn't available for RS models. It would surely look good and could have been the direct successor of AG.
  3. Marsch

    Change of account name

    The admins should be able to change your username. They were so kind to do it for me because I messed up mine when I registered. @PaulD???
  4. Marsch

    Deposit down for Megane RS 280 EDC

    It's not damage? You're right it is but it says a lot about their quality control. I unfortunately don't have pictures of the spots and the insect. And as we're with it please also take a look at the rubber seal (first photo) and look at how the metal is crimped and welded (second photo). Since when are dealers responsible for not fitting doors and the like? I mean you can clearly see that the chips in the first two photos are related. It's metal on metal or better paint on paint here. Like I've said there were rumors that they have problems with LY and TO. For some time these colours weren't even available (in the configurator).
  5. Marsch

    Deposit down for Megane RS 280 EDC

    You decide if these are "issues" or not. Btw, did I mention that there also are spots under the clear coat and that there's a fly or moskito sticking in the paint?
  6. Marsch

    Query: Clio RS 200

    In Germany we either use numbers or letters plus the phase. So a 197 would be a C3RS Phase 1 or simply CRS Phase 1 (A was the first Clio, B the second and so on). The three digit designations seem to be an English language thing only. Over at clio197.net they for example sort them as following: 197, 200, 200T and 220 Trophy. We have a 50+ page thread over at cliors.de only related to "power loss" and multiple others related to things like acting up EDCs, R-Link and other issues. Great if you don't have these problems down there in Australia but I somehow doubt that's actually the case. And as we're with it. I've read your "mate of a mates mate" comment about the paint problems with the M4RS. All I can say is that I'm not here to piss on RS and talk bad about their products. I'm just reporting what I read and hear and in this case it's actually 2nd hand info coming directly from one of the first owners of an M4RS over here.
  7. Marsch

    Query: Clio RS 200

    At first the designation RS 200 actually referes to a Clio 3 RS Phase 2. What you're talking about is an RS 200T or respectively 220(T). To be honest I wouldn't even look at a Phase 1. There are simply to many reports on bugs related to the EDC and other things. Besides that the quality of the Phase 2 seems to be up a notch and most of the known bugs have been weeded out.
  8. Marsch

    Clio R.S. 200 Cup Premium - Newbie

    Welcome! More photos especially of the details (checkered flag), please.
  9. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    Btw, this reminds me of an advertisement from a German Porsche dealer on an internet sales platfrom. 1.6 Liter and 128 hp...hahaha.
  10. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    Possible that it's such spec but we don't have anything that's called Trophy/Trophee (or Luxe) in Germany to my knowledge and therefore don't differentiate them that way. Here you only have "standard" ones, Cups or special editions.
  11. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    Btw, that's not correct. At least not on the "international" level. I know this for sure because I drove the black 200 in the photo below last weekend and started it with a key.
  12. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    No problem. The thing is that I actually read something about a Phase 3 C3RS somewhere else before (IIRC on a French site) and thought you'd have some more infos about it. Btw, a Clio 4 200 gets referred to as 200T and the 220 simply as 220 with a Trophy added if necessary to avoid confusion. That's at least how the Brits handle it. In Germany we just call them C4RS Phase 1 and 2 plus Trophy if the case.
  13. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    We don't even have something we call Phase 3. It's either Phase 1 (197) or 2 (200). What should be the difference between a Phase 2 vs. 3?
  14. Marsch

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    The easiest but not 100% fail safe way is to look at the calipers. Red Brembos normally only came with the cup chassis. Everything else that has red ones had them changed or repainted afterwards. There maybe are some exceptions to this with some of the special editions (like the Gordinis which can have silver ones even with Cup suspension for example) or end of the production circle cars where they threw on/in everything that they still had on the shelves. Something interesting is that only the 200 Cups and special editions with that chassis seem to have the 7.5% quicker steering rack. So far I thought that this also is the case for the 197 Cups and editions but it seems I was wrong.
  15. Marsch

    New to Renault

    Welcome in the RS family.