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  1. New Renault driver

    Looking good 👍
  2. Hey hey rs fam, new here from Syd!

    Pretty much what everybody already said, resonator delete, air filter (remove soundproofing from box) I would add lowering springs and if you willing stage1 tune, final result should be bloody awesome 👍
  3. Driving Style

    I find them pretty similar, maybe a bit harder on really bumpy roads
  4. Driving Style

    BCM air filter (soundproofing removed from box), res delete and it’s lowered on H&R springs
  5. Driving Style

    It’s custom stage1 tune, done at Etuners Motorsport
  6. Driving Style

    I love the sound my meg makes, it’s just perfect 👌
  7. Driving Style

    No build tread, it’s just stage1 tune with couple of other things, nothing spectacular hehe
  8. Driving Style

    I got 265, it’s amazing car, I use to have Honda type Rs before and I don’t regret going for RS, it’s great fun, took me a while to get used to lower revs (6500rpm) compared to my EP3R and S2000 (9000rpm) but after stage1 tune it can go 7K so it’s ok. It’s very enjoyable car to drive, with RS mode it’s pretty mental especially since I got tune done so it’s pushing 450nm of torque and 206kw@wheels, it handles extremely well and gets you very involved, I’ve driven golfs R and Gti, subaru’s, they are all fast cars but the feeling you get in RS is level up from the rest. ps I got two baby seats at back so it’s kids friendly 😜
  9. What Should I buy RS 265 or 275 ???

    I got 265 Cup but I went for normal Renault sport seats (still made by recaro hehe) after owning few Honda Type Rs with recaro bucket seats I decided to give it up, those Renault sport seats are just perfect balance I think, the other thing is I can remove headrest on passenger side so my little boy has perfect view from his bucket seat at the back haha, he loves it
  10. C4RS 200T from SA

    Welcome mate, nice car, I got few things from Ktec, no problems at all, just send them email, they’re very friendly and professional 👍
  11. New Megane RS 250 Cup Trophee

    Central resonator delete, aftermarket air filter and remove sound insulation pad from box, works really well and it’s cheap