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  1. Sdubs

    Renault Merchandise

    Please find attached Renault merchandise, these items are available Trade to all Forum members. Please contact me for pricing. 2017 Renault Merchandise Range Sample Pictures.pdf
  2. Sdubs

    Renaultsport Clio Colours & Paint Codes

    Here is another listing from Renault.. Vin to be used when working out colour code... paint codes Renault.pdf
  3. Sdubs

    Tyre pressure sensor reset - megane rs 265

    No reads only in kpa..
  4. Sdubs

    Tyre pressure sensor reset - megane rs 265

    Using the end of the wiper stalk use the top part of the end to find the front tyre pressures. Once you have them on the display, push and hold both buttons together, you will see the pressures flash and reset is complete. Same for rear..
  5. Sdubs

    RS Cruise

    Great example... well done
  6. Sdubs

    New to Renault

    supply me your Vin and I will get you a trade price for the kit
  7. Sdubs

    RS265 "Sport Limited Edition"

    They also have vented Rotors and not slotted, standard Calipers not Brembo
  8. Sdubs

    2013 Renault Megane R.s. 265 - R-Link Monitor

    Very rewarding..finished off what is a briliant car.
  9. Sdubs

    Help please

    I checked this vehicle's engine number and its not correct with Renault.. Get me a VIN number as its had new plates fitted and I can tell you exactly what the car is..
  10. Sdubs

    2013 Renault Megane R.s. 265 - R-Link Monitor

    I can only say taking on something like this was way beyond my expectations. Its not an easy job, but the reward was there in the end. I have a lot of scars to prove that manufactured plastic and metal brackets are sharp. To remove the dash was about a 2 hour job (not Rushing) with time to stop and photo all of the wire connections and outlets. Two man job to safely lift the dash away. Using the new loom, i traced the positions of the old and followed the direction, right to left. Renault suggest removing the front doors, but not necessary if you have the correct tools. The loom runs from drivers door connection to the passengers door connection and includes the fuse box and cables to the rear of the car (under passenger seat). There is a lot of things to take into consideration, such as air bag removal, steering wheel and combination removal, as well as side trims, seats, console, floor carpet etc. All in all the job started at 9.30 and i was driving the car at around 4.30 the same day. The final result was worth it, would i do it again, sure with a bit more know how it makes it a lot easier. I now have a top deck screen, with RS program, sat nav and of course blue tooth, and because it came out of a rb8 vehicle, its starts with Redbull logo on the screen. Its always a great feeling when you are asked to enter the Radio code and it all starts up. The only problem i came across was the clock was loosing time very quickly, did a factory default rest and fixed. Any one that feels they need to know more, please contact me for any further info....
  11. Sdubs

    2013 Renault Megane R.s. 265 - R-Link Monitor

    all the way from France
  12. Sdubs

    2013 Renault Megane R.s. 265 - R-Link Monitor

    I have a complete Rlink system from a wrecked r8 redbull, the same month and year my RS was built. I'm just about to do the fit up next weekend...Now for all, the cars come from Renault with different dash wiring looms so its just not plug in and go system. After contacting the owner of the wreck, we established a part number for the loom. The loom is coming from France, using the VIN/Chasis of the Wrecked car. My RS265 cup + runs a different loom. (Loom Part number can be found on the right side of the steering column behind the switch for the ESP and the light dimmer). This requires the Dash assembly to be removed, 3hr's work, remove the console, both front seat, steering wheel. The loom attaches to both side doors, fuse box, down the left side to the rear loom and down the console. You will also need to change the roof aerial and run a different aerial cable to the front of the vehicle, as the aerial base has the GPS locator internally, as well as the backup FM aerial base. The other aerial is of course the rear tail gate window. The standard aerial cable has two cables, the GPS cable runs 3 cables. The right hand rear car interior trim, the back seat and the roof trim need to be removed, this is now done, took me 2 hours. The Telematics unit for the telemetry screen lives up behind the instrument cluster, and can only be got at by removing the dash, which in theory is only a cover. I will let the forum know how this pans out.. to do this you need every unit to the system. As a Renault dealer parts interpreter i was able to identify the modules, fittings, and special attachment cables to some units. The USB car reader and Console command unit are the same for all Models after 2012. It was just a shame the owner of the wreck decided to cut the loom up and try fitting it to another model..woops wish me luck....