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  1. Sdubs

    Delivery kilometer

    Most of the new current RS's received needed to be road tested after a software update for the stop start system....
  2. Sdubs

    New RS265 Trophy + owner.

    Glass roof, electric Leather front seats....nice
  3. Sdubs

    Factory Floor Mats

    genuine Accessories, available in many different variations. Flag style, stitched style, yellow RS style. megane style
  4. Sdubs

    Squeaky brakes - Clio RS Trophy

    I would say he lubricated the slide pins.....My suggestion to you is to drive it hard and really use the pads...that gets the material to adhere to the rotors. We use genuine pads all the time and have never had a problem...
  5. Sdubs

    Squeaky brakes - Clio RS Trophy

    Worn Rotors and new pads can be a problem.. I have just replaced my rotors and Genuine pads, all fine.. Also when washing the car, high pressure the inner wheels, calipers and rotors, to remove dust etc..
  6. Sdubs

    Another newbie looking to buy, help needed!

    That car is the first of the face lift model, Glass roof is nice, but doesnt open.Price is about right...be prepared for low mileage cars, anywhere between $27,000 for early to $32,000 for late.
  7. Sdubs

    New owner!

    Same model as mine, just fitted michelin ps4 sport tyres.
  8. Sdubs

    New Renault owner

    Enjoy It first.... nice car
  9. Sdubs

    need help choosing a model

    The Rb8 (RedBull) is a nice car if its kept original. The wrap is fine but the Redbull decals are gone and these are $2700 to replace. The second car is the same as mine and i find the seats much more comfortable than the recaros. The Oyster grey is a great colour. Even though it has more mileage check to see that the timing belt has been done. My pick the RS265 Cup+
  10. Sdubs

    Another megane

  11. Sdubs

    Renault Merchandise

    Please find attached Renault merchandise, these items are available Trade to all Forum members. Please contact me for pricing. 2017 Renault Merchandise Range Sample Pictures.pdf
  12. Sdubs

    Renaultsport Clio Colours & Paint Codes

    Here is another listing from Renault.. Vin to be used when working out colour code... paint codes Renault.pdf
  13. Sdubs

    Tyre pressure sensor reset - megane rs 265

    No reads only in kpa..
  14. Sdubs

    Tyre pressure sensor reset - megane rs 265

    Using the end of the wiper stalk use the top part of the end to find the front tyre pressures. Once you have them on the display, push and hold both buttons together, you will see the pressures flash and reset is complete. Same for rear..
  15. Sdubs

    RS Cruise

    Great example... well done