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  1. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    Hi mate. I found some on ebay, and bought a spare one too as they were cheap. I can't remember the exact ebay trader, but found another for you, I believe the ones I bought were for an audi. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Vacuum-One-Way-Check-Valve-fit-for-1-8T-Audi-A4-VW-Passat-06A-133-528-A-/132040829899
  2. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

  3. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    I spoke with him, he offered to replace just the filter or refund me $30 for the filter. He said he forgot to tell me he did not replace it! WTF. I told him it would need the existing oil drained, as it is now contaminated (that is if he even changed it) so wanted a full refund to get it done. After 5 mins of him refusing, I used the words "small claims court," without hesitation he offered a full refund, which went back into bank acc yesterday. To me, if it was an innocent mistake, there would have been some defence SURELY.. its not until I had bad work done, that's when I read the other bad reviews on Google.. lesson learnt. So I will name and shame this rip off Muppet.. http://www.motorossi.com.au/ AVOID THIS GUY..
  4. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    Is it a genuine Renault filter? Not heard of purflux before.. Does anyone know what the inline valve thing is on the crankcase breather?
  5. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    Is it a genuine Renault filter? Not heard of purflux before..
  6. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    Yeh that's what I thought, no oily finger prints, etc.. Still mad..
  7. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    Mine is black gold, lovely gold reflections in the sunlight..
  8. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    Youngest is 2.. But still, not good to rip people off.
  9. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    Yes, It makes sense now. I had two whining kids in the car, enroute, so I guess his comments went over my head at the time. I mean I just paid for a service, why would i even doubt any work was done... I will be courteous from now on.
  10. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    I got ripped off with a exterior detail, cut an polish last weekend too. Chappy messed it up first time, came back to fix up swirl marks. I thought it was ok until I saw next day in better sunlight. He said he won't refund, but will try again. I said no you clearly don't know what you are doing. Another c##k smoker that thinks he can rip off a pom.
  11. Pgibson

    Oil service Adelaide

    Having recently purchased my first Megane sport, I thought I'd treat it to an oil service change before the next log book service in about 4000 mms. Found a local garage offering $129 oil and filter change, and check over.4 days ago, Tuesday 3rd ,October I took it to the garage. Half way through the service I got the call I was expecting, " Megane needs this, needs that etc etc" I said no, just oil, filter and top up fluids.. 2 hours later picked it up, no dramas. Chappy said the oil is still dark because you didn't go with the engine flush.. ok I said, paid and left. Later that day and rest of the week I noticed it missing slightly on idle, so treated Megane to a set of new bosch platinum plugs today, got home lifted bonnet to fit. So it begins! Noticed the crankcase vacuum breather hose had been snapped at the point it meets ( a thing ) please tell me what it is? And fixed badly with electrical tape... See pic.. Gave it a general look over and noticed the oil filter was old, dusty and certainly not 4 days old, to me it seems like an original Renault one, says made in France.. The garage is shut today, so spent all arvo muttering woo saa, saying calm and relax to myself.. I gave up smoking 5 weeks ago... woo saa..
  12. Pgibson

    Oil leak.

    You've convinced me not to know, easily convinced..🙋
  13. Pgibson

    Just bought my first rs 225

    So, back to the identity thing. Just been on autobahn to price up service parts, and guess what, like the insurance, and Redbook the only 2006 3 door is the F1, and the cup. So confused. So here is my vin number. VF1CM0M06606##### Can you guys out there with a ,2006, 3 door sport 225 and 2006 F1 show me yours.🙌
  14. Pgibson

    Oil leak.

    I hate working on cars though, had enough of stripped knuckles restoring a series 3 land rover.
  15. Pgibson

    Oil leak.

    Got it privately. Been looking on Google how to fix, doesn't seem to big a job... famous last words..