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    2002 Clio 172
  1. G'day From A New Addict - 1st things?

    Nice car! I've done the E-J on the bike a few times and I can confirm it is amazing! Mount Buffalo is also a good one!
  2. New Clio owner - Sydney

    Replaced these with PowerFlex ones: Was a massive mission to do this without removing the subframe from the car! It might have helped to drop it down a bit without removing completely but I didn't do that. Still I managed eventually and all is good. Also put some attention into the rear end with these: Car handles nicely now! Rear swaybar made a huge difference to the handling, hooks in harder and car stays flatter through the corners. Best mod done so far! Next up I'll be replacing the gearbox oil and spark plugs, also will attempt to figure out where the oil is leaking from.
  3. New Clio owner - Sydney

    Thanks mate! Today I did my first mod, dogbone bushes. I'm glad I did considering the state of the original, the smaller bush was toast! Nice new powerflex goodies installed: Also threw a bucket of water over it for the first time since I've owned it (no pics), definitely needs a good polish but isn't too bad. So far enjoying the car!
  4. New Clio owner - Sydney

    Hi Guys, New Clio owner here. Purchased a flame red 172 off a mate a month ago. So far enjoying going back to basics with a lightweight hatchback. Plans are to clean it up a little bit and enjoy it! Cheers