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  1. It's not really a hesitation. It engages in reverse immediately. It's just that you need quite a bit of throttle to get it to move quickly. Light throttle it moves but slowly
  2. Quick question to any other GT owner. ive noticed the car doesn't move easily when in reverse gear ? Even when applying throttle it doesn't really want to move easily ? Is this a common trait with WDC trans ? Forward gears are no problem and it creeps nicely when off the throttle , but reverse seems very very slow. curious......
  3. Hi chukobski it is an option as car is garaged but it's not entirely a good security option as it not only leaves the doors open but also allows car to be driven off by anyone if garage door is left open for a while !!!! It's not a huge problem and something we'll get used to in time no doubt.
  4. Hi All New to Renault and new to this forum. Just purchased a 2017 May build Megane GT hatch. It has the updated safety kit over the pre May builds which means it has ADAS as standard as well as Blind spot monitoring , adaptive cruise , AEB etc ... it it has the premium pack with front and rear LED lights , sunroof , large 8.7 inch touch screen : updated R link software with Apple car play and smartphone mirroring. ive put 460 klm on the car so far over 2 weeks and so far so good. The EDC is a bit clunky at low speeds / stop start but once on the move it works very well. The engine has good mid and top range flexibility which makes it quite effortless to drive around at speed. R link works very well and is not as difficult to use and navigate as I had 1st thought, it's actually quite easy to use after familiarising yourself with menu operation. Chassis control is very good with excellent damping, albeit a little stiff but that's to be expected with the RS damper tune , I like it as I'm used to driving cars with modified suspension. The 4 wheel steer is excellent and really adds to the driving flexibility and performance with excellent turn in and much reduced turning circle. The rear ended feels like it's actually pushing you into and around the corner. Weird at first but then you crave it, especially after jumping into a non 4 wheel steer car. The connectivity is excellent with no issues connecting to multiple Apple phones and also to the R link store . Have already downloaded new clock and calculator app with no issues. Proximity key works a treat but I'm still frustrated with having to carry the fob around every time you need to just get into the car , even when parked in garage and you just want to get your wallet or sunnies out. You can't leave car unlocked basically....... The personalisation with multi sense is fun and certainly adds to the driving ambience, good thinking Renault, a nice touch. Sunroof is large which is excellent and the pearl white metallic paint has been applied very well with good coverage and quality. Still freaking out over the plastic front guards...lol. Overall so far it's a great car with amazing options and very strong performance from the little 1.6 turbo engine. A legacy hand over from the previous Clio RS. A very good choice for this car as it keeps it warm and not quite hit which suits the car and chassis perfectly and also keeps the fuel guzzling down. So far averaging @8.5 l/100 but it's still running in and I haven't been very shy with the right foot. I expect it will be capable of high 7/100 with mixed driving quite easily. Anyways, very happy so far and very glad I waited for the May build update with all the extra options. Look forward to driving it more and expect it will keep me enthused for quite some time. Oh I also have a 290rwkw 2006 Ford FPV GT to keep me occupied for when I really need a white knuckle drive........so the Megane is actually a touch of class and restraint.
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