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  1. Hey hey rs fam, new here from Syd!

    Thats very reasonably priced, I wish I was in NSW
  2. Hey hey rs fam, new here from Syd!

    Interesting suggestion. Don't want to hijack this thread but would it be worthwhile upgrading the front one too? or just chuck this rear one on and call it a day?
  3. Potential Clio RS200 EDC Owner

    You'll find that there isnt many documented issues with Renaults DCTs in particular. My friend had a Clio RS 200 since launch, drove it like it was stolen (no joke the car was in sport mode 99% of the time) and racked up a fair few ks on it before it was written off. Never had an issue with the gear gearbox or engine wise just little stuff like interior squeaks and rattles.
  4. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Spot on.
  5. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    I don't drive the car in such a way where I would deliberately endanger my own or other's lives. Given the circumstances I'm in being a probationary driver that would be completely utterly idiotic. I respect my car and respect other motorists. Just because I'm a P plater doesn't mean I'm a moronic hot headed idiot. I understand the risks of driving this car on Probation. I just don't feel those comments above are necessary. As I said earlier Im merely sharing my experience and I full well know the risks I'm undertaking.
  6. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Just to clarify when I said get away with it I mean from a policing standpoint. Not from an insurance standpoint. OP is old enough to think for himself make his own decisions and draw his own conclusion here. I'm just sharing my experience not pointing a gun to his head to drive a meg iii on ps.
  7. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Cool beans mate. My money, my car, my choice to drive it. Doesn't implicate you in any way shape or form so I don't see why you feel the need to be hostile about something as superficial as this. Let me fall into peril driving my Megane while other P platers get away with driving much more powerful modified turbocharged cars that fall under the VicRoads Approved section.
  8. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    That's purely subjective.
  9. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    I'm just saying if OP wants to take the risk he will probably get away with it.
  10. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Technically yes. The car isn't insured under my name. I avoid driving it as much as possible since im nearly on fulls anyway. I wanted to buy it early and get familiar with the car.
  11. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    I drive mine around on P's and don't get a second look.