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  1. Hey hey rs fam, new here from Syd!

    Any photos of your install? and did you keep the colum controls or just disconnect it?
  2. Rs 265 hatch rust?

    i asked and its too old now. but what is MY Renault exactly?
  3. Runs

    There is a facebook group i get registered to join - maybe try that.
  4. My Monaco GP

    Damm i missed it because i had something come up. Did anyone go on the track or was there some other track day on? Catch you guys next time.
  5. Rs 265 hatch rust?

    Thanks mate I thought one hole was needed but wasn't sure about the other. I will have to investigate this asap before winter hits.
  6. From A Supra To A Megane Rs 250 Cup Trophee

    Nar i sold the GTA when I lived in QLD....that car gave me so much shit yet i loved it and miss it. One day i will buy one again. i still say i had the best colour for that shape and the black wheels just set it off. on a side note awesome looking rims but a pain in the a$$ to clean like the Rs265.
  7. What Should I buy RS 265 or 275 ???

    I got a Rs 265 and with 1000's of speed cameras down here, the cost for a Rs275 with the extra power.....ummm I couldn't justify it. i just got a fully optional Rs 265 and love it. I love the full race recaros but i am too abit wider than the average Frenchmen haha. So I went for the basic buckts seats but in leather with the heated seats options and use it as a daily = is perfect for winter nights in Melb. i also have 19's and its harsh at first but i got used to it and you will start to spot the bumps on the road like the Terminator looking for Jon Connor and steer clear. The aircon is pretty good and it works for me with the leather seats but QLD is hot like a Mutha Fukk@!
  8. Megane rs

    Thanks mate.
  9. Megane rs

    Anything like this in Vic?
  10. You got one on your car? How do the gears changes feel..?
  11. Megane rs

    Where is this Ace custom tune done? and what kinda tune is done and price?
  12. From A Supra To A Megane Rs 250 Cup Trophee

    Hey Gents im in vic too if you guys wanna organise a meet up - drop me a line.
  13. Hey Guys, Anyone tried this shortshifter? looks the part and the instructions are super easy looking on the link below but i wanted some feedback before making my purchase? Yes i know it a ebay part but it is a performance shop in the UK as we have nothing like this in Vic. See attached details or link below Mtech PK4018 Shortshifter for Renault Megane 3 RS 250 265 275 Trophy & Trophy R Check out this link for the install with pictures and details - https://static.webshopapp.com/shops/031349/files/174014834/pk4-shift.pdf Let me know of your experiences and thoughts??? pk4-shift.pdf
  14. RS 265 Sport Mode

    It's like it surgess or like bad fuel you know. I haven't done anything to the mapping I like it aggressive but just recently it isn't smooth.
  15. Rs 265 hatch rust?

    Great but i brought it second hand but maybe ill go past a dealer and ask, i guess it can't hurt.