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  1. Ascavilya

    It's In The Genes

    Thanks guys. Made it back in one piece (and 2 days). I'll see what I can do to track down some Morgan and Bolwell pics.
  2. Ascavilya

    It's In The Genes

    Thanks Chuckovski, I get the feeling that the cruise control will be on for most of the trip.
  3. Ascavilya

    It's In The Genes

    After a rather crazy week that started with my father driving an RS 265 in Melbourne for me, I fly down there in the morning to take delivery of my first Renault. It should be an interesting few days as I drive it back to Queensland. While this is my first car of this ilk, it seems that genetically I was bound to end up with something different as both my father and uncle have had (and still have) some "different" vehicles - a Morgan +4 and Bolwell for example. And I have been riding Buell motorcycle for last 15 years as well. Like I said, it's in the genes. And at the moment I could not be happier about that fact.