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  1. Did A Thing Bought Something French

    It's a small world, I find the Clio very much like the e30 with its characteristics. Picked up the car yesterday & clocked up a little over 110km's on it so far, yet to really push it but still having fun. I have noticed one concerning this & that is a horrible burning plastic smell which I hope is just new car things but has me a tad worried.
  2. Did A Thing Bought Something French

    Thanks mate, I really miss the days of Cavallnio C&C, aside from traffic congestion it was a great event & such a eclectic collection of cars. haha I though I might find you on here, funny fact your Renault experiences is part of what motivated me to make the jump. There is a new engine build under way for the e30 lets say the m30b35 will be more fun
  3. Hi All So went car shopping with the better half a few weeks back to replace her car, which we very different from how I thought... I'm now trading in my S-Edition Forester & picking up a Clio iv RS Cup tomorrow morning & better half is still stuck with her old car **side note for my safety it is our car, I don't need her poisoning my dinner** About me I'm a massive car nut & always had a soft spot for the Renault's but this is my first time owning one, test driving the Cup was the first time I've jumped in a car that drives like my BMW e30 project/weekend racer. Got a few plans for the Clio but nothing too wild so I can retain my warranty, looking at the exotic mods front lip & sides skirt extensions, SSR GTV02 which i hope I can make fit, & the ren sport rear wing. I'm a tad sad to see this go, it currently makes 184kw atw & 807nm(flat four torque is a beautiful thing) The Clio's stable mate & ongoing project that will never finish, hours & hours of blood, sweat & tears over the past 7yrs