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      2017 ozRS National Event - Entries Now Closed   09/09/17

      SAVE THE DATE, people of ozrenaultsport.   The 2017 ozrenaultsport.com National Event will be held over the weekend of November 4-6, based in Southern NSW/ACT. Further details and entry forms are available in the Social Events section - see applicable thread for further details.
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      Tapatalk is Back Online!!!   06/10/17

      Hi All - Tapatalk is back online! Thanks for all your patience.. It seems a change to the cloud setup for IPB and the current Tapatalk app for IPB are at last compatible, and we are online!!   Cheers, ozRS Admin & Mod Team


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  1. New To The Rs World

    Yeah I've noticed the recaros are a bit hard to get into, lack of space between the seat and wheel for me really. I'm not a fan of the speedo having odd numbers, but I'll get used to that. The cars confusing me a bit, it's a cup with recaros, sport monitor, xenons and 19's. Surely it would have been cheaper to get the trophy when it was new? Edit: also has folding mirrors, google says they were only on the trophy?
  2. New To The Rs World

    The Subaru was every 5k kms, and with my long commute it seemed like it was getting done every second week. I've been eyeing off a miltek cat back to throw on it, how loud are they? Or not worth it when I can just take the resonator out. I can deal with noise, had straight pipes on the Subaru for a few years and put up with it. But I'd like something closer to legal. Have to do something about the stereo too, but I'll make do with it for now.
  3. New To The Rs World

    Just purchased my first, an immaculate white 2010 RS250. I should have gotten one years ago instead of my Subaru. Is there any weird problems I should look out for? And on another note, a friend of mine is considering an RS, but loves gadgets. I know the sports monitor is an option, but will he still get boost/temperature readings on the screen without it, and just not have the extra modes? Cheers guys.