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  1. RS250CUP

    RS265 or RS250?

    FWIW - I owned an RS250 for several years. I've driven all models and the 275 had the most noticeable performance difference. 265 and 250 are similar in terms of actual driving performance on roads where you can open them right up. I'd focus on the model specs and go from there, if you like sport seats get a Trophee that include a few extras like xenon and a slightly better stereo and proximity keys. However, there's many dealer upgraded 250 models like mine that had identical specs to a Trophee but without the recaro seats. There's also the GP model but that white isn't my thing. I'd be more focussed on something with a good service history and I'd have it professionally inspected even though these cars are fairly reliable. Cheers!
  2. RS250CUP

    Site theme

    Looks like it's in accessibility/high contrast mode for the vision impaired.
  3. RS250CUP

    Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    Hi - Just thought I'd mention, if anyone is looking for a good buy, my car is for sale on the forum for $17,000 with no money to spend. Here's the link - http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/30245-metallic-black-2012-megane-rs250-for-sale/ You'd be better off posting a new thread for advice but it's been done to death. Try searching the forum and you should find all your answers for mods and all other relevant suggestions.
  4. RS250CUP

    RS265 "Sport Limited Edition"

    FYI - Check this comparative sheet. Renault Megane Cup vs Trophee.pdf
  5. RS250CUP

    New Renault driver

  6. RS250CUP

    RS265 "Sport Limited Edition"

    You should buy my 2012 RS250 Cup It's advertised on this forum - https://is.gd/ISlrYx No money to spend, only $17,000.00 - Bargain!!!
  7. RS250CUP

    What Should I buy RS 265 or 275 ???

    Or a new stereo...
  8. RS250CUP

    Megane 3 service cost + Brake pads

    You could just buy mine with a few more kilometres on the clock and not have to worry about spending anything at all! My car is listed in the for sale section as "Metallic Black 2012 Megane RS250 For Sale" Online ad with Trading Post - https://is.gd/Y0dbPA
  9. RS250CUP

    Newbie looking for some expert opinions

  10. RS250CUP

    New Megane RS 250 Cup Trophee

    You can always post a drive shout out on the NSW short drive thread as there may be others interested if you're keen to meet some other Renault owners.
  11. RS250CUP

    New Megane RS 250 Cup Trophee

    Sacré bleu, you debadgers just do my head in but we're all different and this is what makes life interesting but I think debadging is for the JDM crowd. Just stay away from my Megane with your sinful, wicked hands and may Renault have mercy on your souls marcuscurran remember to remove the sound deadener material from/towards the rear of the air filter box, you'll get better intake sound if this is what you're after.
  12. RS250CUP

    What Should I buy RS 265 or 275 ???

    I too preferred the cloth seats over the recaro seats and bought my RS250 Cup for that reason as I felt my broader frame would struggle with the recaros and the fact they don't offer lumbar support or much padding at all IMO but they are cool to sit in and feel good once you're fixed into position and the value added "sex appeal" of the recaros make the car a bit more racey, even for inner city folk that will probably never reach fourth gear or figure out what sports mode is I'd choose the leather recaros in the RB8 or 265 as opposed to the fabric recaros as I think they're probably more prone to bolster wear...
  13. RS250CUP

    Help please

    Yep, cheers!
  14. RS250CUP

    Help please

    It's mint, aside from a little bolster wear on the driver seat and some kerbing the car is A1! That link I posted isn't working - My for sale ad is titled "Metallic Black 2012 Megane RS250 For Sale". Adam976 can vouch for the car, we did a few drive days and he's driven the vehicle.
  15. RS250CUP

    Help please

    BUY MY CAR http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/30245-metallic-black-2012-megane-rs250-for-sale/ It includes a sexy yellow tacho!