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  1. Intro - Frb Clio200

    hi guys Proud owners of a FRB Clio200, bought off a forum member, Jkfreem, earlier this year Car is a joy to drive and a completely different beast to my last car, which was unfortunately stolen Apart from an Akrapovic Exhaust, it is pretty much stock standard Right now no major plans to mod the car as i know there's no going back once you start Just going to enjoy the clio as it was built The day i got the car After getting it ceramic coated New RSC200 plates Before i got my hands on the clio, i started off with a Mazda MX5 Stroked to 1.7L with ITB After parting ways with the MX5, i got into something something turbo Had the EVO for about 4 years until it was stolen while parked outside my apartment. But the end result means i get to be in a clio which is alot easier to drive in traffic