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  1. Looks a beauty — welcome aboard, and that garage suggests additional motoring interests!
  2. My 182 is close to 190,000km and is solid as a rock. Has a virtually perfect service record as well, and is still on the original clutch (which has plenty of bite, too). Well cared for by its previous two owners. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a high mileage 1x2, provided it has a decent service history and has been looked after — indeed, worth paying a bit more for that service history.
  3. Also, tapatalk notifications seem to have stopped for me, for this forum only
  4. E-go couriers — use their base-to-base option. But you’ll need good information on size/weight to get an accurate quote
  5. My 2004 Clio 182 has done 187,000km. Original clutch, engine, gearbox and still runs strong, no oil consumption, strong compression. IMO, as long as these cars have a good logbook with services completed by dealers or specialists, they’re very strong. But if you are worried, have the car checked out by one of those specialists
  6. Well, those sound like enhancements, not problems. In fact, many of those parts are upgrades over OEM parts...so I’m struggling to understand the question! The only question I’d ask is whether there is documentation that tells who has done the work, as some shops are better than others.
  7. Looks as clean as most that age, and not too hard to breathe new life into them (check out @Danny 's"Dimples" thread and @Gambit's orange build among many). What's the service history like? If there's missing knowledge, it's worth having a good Renault mechanic give it a once over to establish a baseline. My FRB (187,500km on the clock) just had a major service (excluding belts) done by RenoTech (Sydney) and it feels and drives so much better. Even though it has a very complete service record, I now know what's what and can trust it.
  8. 1. Sounds like a loose heat shield. You’d need to put it on a hoist to check 2. Oil can rise through the camcover bolts — not serious, just annoying — can be rectified with sealant by competent mechanic
  9. ttimbo

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    I just learnt of this with my 182. You should hear the fuel pump kick in with the second turn of the key. #becauseFrench
  10. ttimbo

    Clio Sport and RS

    This is a reported issue by some on the Clio 3 models (197, various 200 Cup/Gordini etc. But when I researched this, I discovered it was more an issue in RHD markets. Why? Well, the gearshift plain is designed for LHD. Makes sense, I guess. It means that when you drive, you need to bear that in mind and guide the shift as you would if sitting on the left. Julian at Renotech mentioned the same thing. Oh, and a gearbox oil change doesn’t hurt.
  11. Yes, the new owners wouldn’t know a car from Dieppe if it was written in neon, unfortunately.
  12. Definition of optimism, right there![emoji6][emoji23]
  13. Rolfe Renault were good, I found...but my first experience with National Capital Renault at Tuggeranong left me cold. Since then, I’ve made the pilgrimage north to Renotech. I recently tried to organise enough owners for the Renotech boys to visit us here for a day or so...but it became too hard! Budget? It’s only money, and the Trophy-R will never be repeated now Ghosn has gone [emoji22] And rear seats? Very overrated [emoji12]
  14. Well, if space is an issue...get a Trophy-R. No rear seat, so you can throw lots of gear in the back [emoji15]
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