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  1. ttimbo

    Looking for a Megane RS265

    A licensed motor dealer is obliged to give you clear title. It is probably a timing issue. You should only use the Personal Property Security Register, as that’s the official Government enforceable registry (https://www.ppsr.gov.au/)
  2. ttimbo

    Need some help!!!!!!!!

    It's a bitsa 😱
  3. ttimbo

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    Having owned a Clio 3, there’s quite a difference between C3 and C2. They’re both great in their own way, but you do notice the extra weight in the C3. That said, the C3 is obviously more refined.
  4. ttimbo

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    I’ve owned and driven a few hot hatches (Polo GTI, Golf GTI, Audi S3, BMW M135i...not to mention Mini Cooper S when I was really young and stupid). Currently own a Trophy-R and a 182 (non-Cup), and these two cars, between them, tick all my boxes. The 182 is daily fun — I don’t commute in it, I just have fun urban/semi-urban drives where I stay legal AND still enjoy the drive. It is lovely and light, small and very easy to place on the road. I don’t know if I’m sorry it doesn’t have Cup suspension and I’ve decided I don’t care (although I do have a set of B14s I may fit...or may not) because the ride/handling balance is very sweet. The Trophy-R is similar, but a much bigger hammer. It lacks most social graces but is fantastic on track or for a very spirited drive somewhere isolated. If I drove it where I drive the 182, I’d just get into trouble. Interestingly, the T-R’s controls are much lighter than the 182, which I need to remember each time I hop into it from the 182. Oh, and my wife loves the 182 but hates the Trophy-R. [emoji848]🤫 When it comes to buying a 182, the main things are, as above, overall condition and maintenance records — especially the big items. Price is hard to estimate because a high mileage car that has been really well maintained (and mine is 185,000km with ALL service records) might be preferable to one that
  5. ttimbo

    RS265 Sport LE Diff upgrade

    You’ll see no change from $5k to buy and fit LSD for a Meg 3 — maybe more.
  6. ttimbo

    RS265 Sport LE Diff upgrade

    Madness! Buy a car that’s fitted with a diff - they’re more common than those without.
  7. ttimbo

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    ZF and Aisin are doing some pretty good things with TC autos — I wouldn’t worry too much
  8. ttimbo

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    Given Porsche was the original developer of the DSG, VAG certainly made some, but my understanding is they licensed out the technology to Getrag and Borg-Warner, who (esp Getrag) have gone on to develop these gearboxes.
  9. ttimbo

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    There have been several VAG 7sp DSG transmissions — wet and dry clutch — I think they’ve all been Getrag products
  10. ttimbo

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    I think you’ll find Getrag supplies some VAG gearboxes, as well as Renault, M-B, BMW among many others
  11. ttimbo

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    Isn’t it made by Getrag?
  12. I have a 182 and a Trophy-R. Together, they tickle all my pleasure spots but each is great in different areas. Do you want light, lithe and nimble, or lithe plus power?
  13. ttimbo

    Prospective Clio RS owner

    No, it wouldn’t! Just say “NO”![emoji33]🤬[emoji19]
  14. ttimbo

    Prospective Clio RS owner

    Nooooooo.....never — even in jest — encourage anyone to take a ute to the track. There’s already too many, usually driven by people who think it’s great to monster a l’il Clio down the straight, overtake...then hold same Clio up through the corners and under braking ...just say No! [emoji6][emoji15]🤭
  15. ttimbo

    How to spot a rs200 cup?

    Renault’s specs for the 200 were all over the place. I had a 2011 200 Cup Trophee, which supposedly had the following over the standard Cup: Renault Sport 200 Cup Trophée Pack - Renault Sport Recaro height adjustable front seats - Dark Grey Renault Sport Pack Design (Front edge / rear view mirrors / rear diffuser with twin chrome exhaust outlets) - Centre console with carbon fibre effect and satin chrome detail on dashboard - Electric and folding door mirrors - Special 17" Bebop alloy wheels - Renault Smart Card Key (handsfree)