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  1. ttimbo

    Squeaky brakes - Clio RS Trophy

    Performance brake pads DO squeak, especially when used a daily without a regular, solid spirited drive/track workout. That’s because they don’t regularly or consistently heat up to a full operating temperature, so pad material adheres to the disk as a glaze..which causes the squeak. So, one way to try to reduce the problem is to take the car to a nice deserted road, and try 6-8 hard brake applications from 80kph to 40kph, drive to cool the brakes and then see if the squeak goes.
  2. ttimbo

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    Comparisons are odious. The Clio is a great drive; the Meg is a great drive — different horses for different courses.
  3. ttimbo

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    ...and if your biggest regret is selling your Type R, check out the Trophy-R (from 32:00)....[emoji7]
  4. ttimbo

    New Owner

    Looks great! Enjoy the ride.
  5. ttimbo

    Query: Clio RS 200

    Part of the confusion arises because in Australia, all the major car classified sites refer to Clio 4 RS as RS 200 / RS 220....with, as always, an exception, which was the limited edition Clio 3 2011 Australian GP Edition, which also seems to cop the RS 200 moniker. The rest of the Clio 3 Renaultsports are referenced as “Sport 200 xxxx” where xxxx refers to Cup, Cup Trophee, Gordini, 20th Anniversary. Of course, there are more exceptions, with the Red Bull, and Angel & Demon Clio 3 specials. There’s probably some logic to it, but it’s hard to discern [emoji849]
  6. ttimbo

    Hello Hello Hello

    Might you be interested in a Trophy-R?
  7. ttimbo

    Looking to buy a RS 275 Trophy - Adelaide

    Geez, I’m somewhat older than that...and don’t need rear seats [emoji23] A Trophy-R reduces the number people you scare [emoji6]
  8. ttimbo

    I want to buy a Clio RS NA

    Driver’s seat bolster is even in good condition — good indicator of a car that’s been well maintained
  9. ttimbo

    I want to buy a Clio RS NA

    I’ve had both, too, but went from a Clio 3 (200 Cup Trophee) to a Clio 2 (182 non-Cup) and prefer the older to the newer. These are NA cars, so weight is critical, and a Clio 3 is quite ...er...porky relative to the 2. As for mods, I suggest that whatever you settle on, drive it unmodded for a while first; they’re excellent out of the box and it is possible to spend quite a few bucks for not much bang.
  10. ttimbo

    Looking for a Megane RS265

    A licensed motor dealer is obliged to give you clear title. It is probably a timing issue. You should only use the Personal Property Security Register, as that’s the official Government enforceable registry (https://www.ppsr.gov.au/)
  11. ttimbo

    Need some help!!!!!!!!

    It's a bitsa 😱
  12. ttimbo

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    Having owned a Clio 3, there’s quite a difference between C3 and C2. They’re both great in their own way, but you do notice the extra weight in the C3. That said, the C3 is obviously more refined.
  13. ttimbo

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    I’ve owned and driven a few hot hatches (Polo GTI, Golf GTI, Audi S3, BMW M135i...not to mention Mini Cooper S when I was really young and stupid). Currently own a Trophy-R and a 182 (non-Cup), and these two cars, between them, tick all my boxes. The 182 is daily fun — I don’t commute in it, I just have fun urban/semi-urban drives where I stay legal AND still enjoy the drive. It is lovely and light, small and very easy to place on the road. I don’t know if I’m sorry it doesn’t have Cup suspension and I’ve decided I don’t care (although I do have a set of B14s I may fit...or may not) because the ride/handling balance is very sweet. The Trophy-R is similar, but a much bigger hammer. It lacks most social graces but is fantastic on track or for a very spirited drive somewhere isolated. If I drove it where I drive the 182, I’d just get into trouble. Interestingly, the T-R’s controls are much lighter than the 182, which I need to remember each time I hop into it from the 182. Oh, and my wife loves the 182 but hates the Trophy-R. [emoji848]🤫 When it comes to buying a 182, the main things are, as above, overall condition and maintenance records — especially the big items. Price is hard to estimate because a high mileage car that has been really well maintained (and mine is 185,000km with ALL service records) might be preferable to one that
  14. ttimbo

    RS265 Sport LE Diff upgrade

    You’ll see no change from $5k to buy and fit LSD for a Meg 3 — maybe more.
  15. ttimbo

    RS265 Sport LE Diff upgrade

    Madness! Buy a car that’s fitted with a diff - they’re more common than those without.