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      2017 ozRS National Event - Entries Now Closed   09/09/17

      SAVE THE DATE, people of ozrenaultsport.   The 2017 ozrenaultsport.com National Event will be held over the weekend of November 4-6, based in Southern NSW/ACT. Further details and entry forms are available in the Social Events section - see applicable thread for further details.
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      Tapatalk is Back Online!!!   06/10/17

      Hi All - Tapatalk is back online! Thanks for all your patience.. It seems a change to the cloud setup for IPB and the current Tapatalk app for IPB are at last compatible, and we are online!!   Cheers, ozRS Admin & Mod Team


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    2015 Nissan Patrol oh the size and horsepower and ability to consume premium unleaded
    2011 Subaru Forester XT
    2011 Clio RS AGP
    3 Quarter Horses
  1. Adventures of a little yellow car

    Pictures i've collected alomng the way with Burt
  2. New Old Bloke

    As much as I want too, I'm thinking I need some more time to sort myself out.
  3. New Old Bloke

    Right, currently scared! Not against the idea just wondering about logistics. 1. Discuss with Minister for War and Finance....... If we put black diagonal lines on the rear of the car we could be 'Team Road Barrier'
  4. New Old Bloke

    Tell me more....
  5. New Old Bloke

    ok Track Day 1 complete. I did the ARDC session at Eastern Creek on Monday. Its run by SMSP and they have instructors as part of the package. Started slow and by the end and a few instructors later I was reeling in more powerful cars and this was on the shorter North track! Car was an absolute hoot and has a lot more to offer than my current skill level so that's cool as well.
  6. French Guy With No French Car

    Welcome, nice group of car nuts here. I have a weird love of fast wagons and that Evo just looks mad. :headbang: :headbang:
  7. New Old Bloke

    Stock as a rock. And yes I really want to get back into doing car things. Is there a post I should be following?
  8. New Old Bloke

    Finger painting on an iPad is therapeutic!
  9. New Old Bloke

    And it's in my garage. ????
  10. New Old Bloke

    The Quarter comes from being bred to run a quarter mile, so yep just like a greyhound with a saddle and less bunnies
  11. New Old Bloke

    Hi, I'm in the process of buying a Clio III RS. My plan is to do track days and the like. I live in the Hawkesbury in Nort West Sydney so plenty of country roads to explore as well. What seems like eons ago I was into BMWs and had a fairly wicked E30, unfortunately like me as the years have progressed both myself and the 3 series have got a bit lard a***d. I started looking and test drove a Clio RS and promptly realised I'd found what I was looking for! Other cars in the shed are a S3 Forester XT and a current gen Patrol. The Patrol is a hoot to drive for all the wrong reasons, something so large shouldn't be that fast! My othe passion is Quarter Horses ( we have 3) and the wife and I compete ! Thanks for letting me be part of the forum. Cheers, Jarrod