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  1. New RS 220 Owner

    FYI, I get about 8.5-9l/100 between services, including joyous Sydney weekend traffic, a bit of highway driving and a few spirited drives.
  2. New RS 220 Owner

    Congrats mate. If you were in Sydney, I’d trade you my 17s! First stop post dealer you ought to make is to an exhaust shop to get the center resonator removed for 100 bucks. Best mod you won’t regret.
  3. Selling Fiesta ST for a second hand Clio RS200 EDC??

    I've done it - infinitely better sound (incl pops) but not obnoxiously so. It makes the car sound like it should have, all along. No power gains and no engine light/ codes etc.
  4. thinking about getting a clio rs20

    This is what I never understand. A weekend install of coilovers all of a sudden is better for handling then Renaultsport's engineers designing the original system over years for the OEM car. I'm betting 99/100 putting on coilovers looks better but worsens handling.
  5. thinking about getting a clio rs20

    Whether the cup is or isn't the one to get vs the sport is a personal preference I guess. It's no faster or slower in daily use. At some point during 2013, Renault offered 5 year warranties, so might want to check if whatever you find has some left.
  6. thinking about getting a clio rs20

    Renault changed their naming conventions - all you need to know is that Trophy and Premium are used interchangeably. Models went: Sport Cup 220 Sport and Cup were available in non-Trophy/non-Premium or Trophy/Premium. The 220 was only a Trophy. Trophy/Premium = Leather trim interior, RS Monitor, better sound system, reversing camera, PDC and climate control over the non version. Cup has marginally lower suspention (couple of mm) and a slightly stiffer set up + black 18" wheels.
  7. New Clio owner

    Congrats mate, best colour!
  8. Forum not refreshing

    I have a browsing issue, in the Clio IV forum. If I click into either the Renaultsport IV subform or the Clio IV technical one, the last thread/ post updates was from Tuesday. However when there are new posts, i can see it as an update to the "latest post" in the RHS panel on the OZRS main page. If i click into that i can read it, but if i then navigate to the relevant subforum it is housed it, it's nowhere to be seen.
  9. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Thanks for all the hard work in the background, to all admin I would echo the visual feedback though - I'm not finding it easy to read and I'm kinda reluctant to open it at work as it is very much non-work friendly.
  10. Welcome mate. Don't see too many black Cups floating about in my part of Sydney!
  11. Rim Quality Or Tyres Clio Rs 2014

    I think I need to do some re-reading, I put more air in my tyres than 30psi More like 34-35!
  12. Rim Quality Or Tyres Clio Rs 2014

    Hi mate In/out "wobble" i think you are really referring to toe-in or toe-out, which is common to just about every car on sale, either due to design or suspension tolerances. I would recommend you go to another tyre/ suspension place. A) the can give you the actual toe-in/ toe-out and B) what on earth is a "lump" in the rubber? A bulge in the sidewall? If so, that tyres needs replacing asap. If not, I have no idea what that means and you should get a second opinion.
  13. Eyes Wide Open - Pre Purchase Questions

    My understanding is Trophy = Premium. Most obvious Premium giveaways are Faux Leather seats (not inserts), climate control not just a/c and PDC + Reverse camera. From the pics, this clio doesn't have a rear camera, it doesnt have feax leather and it has 3 knobs by the a/c, which is A/C (climate control only has two knobs and a bunch of buttons). It's a vanilla Cup/ Sport with Cup wheels IMO, not a Trophy
  14. Eyes Wide Open - Pre Purchase Questions

    1,500 to be precise. Would be quite an ambitious individual to try that - an easier tell would be the tyres methinks.
  15. Did A Thing Bought Something French

    Tis indeed. Brakes/ manifold etc as mentioned - will clear up after a few more drives