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  1. stromlo

    Paint Codes 2014 Clio rs (white)

    Courtesy of Moosey
  2. stromlo

    Looking to buy Clio RS

    Hi mate, I have the Sport Premium. Other changes are you get climate control vs just a/c and RS Monitor (which is a menu in the infotainment which shows g-forces, configurable engine stats, lap timer, power meter, gearbox temps etc). Premium gives you a leather steering wheel, but wheel rims are unchanged (being either sport or cup designs). You're looking at the right colours too LY is just the biz (am biased...). The usual story with performance cars - make sure its a good service history, and maybe try get hold of the VIN to check with Renault what it has had done to it under its warranty.
  3. stromlo

    Clio R.S. 200 Cup Premium - Newbie

    Welcome! Be sure to check out the Clio IV forum... heaps of useful info, including best bang for buck mods .
  4. stromlo

    New Clio RS200 sport owner

    Welcome! What colour did you pick? Be sure to check out the Clio IV forum... heaps of useful info.
  5. stromlo

    Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    Cheers, there was me thinking Australia is one of the biggest markets for RS'. /s
  6. stromlo

    Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    Refering to some 49 pages thread nobody here can read due to language differences is meaningless - the squeaky wheel always makes the most noise and it could be that a handful of owners there got monday morning cars (which is unfortunate of course). It ignores the hundreds of others who havent, yet you make it sound like Ford Econoshift PTII. Renotech here havent made any noise about it, so I'm judging it by the Australian level of "severity" which seems to indicate it is not something systematic as you infer, but rather particular to unlucky indivduals. That is not to make like of those who do have some issues, I hope they all get it sorted to their satisfaction, but hyping it up is questionable.
  7. stromlo

    Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    I love it when people who dont own or drive a C4RS proclaim to know all about owning one. OP: here is some more pertinent owner feedback to the same question:
  8. stromlo

    Owner of new 220 trophy

    Congrats mate, you should add yours to the 220 register in the Clio IV forum I was one who had missing secondary door seals and went through the process to get ones on order. My dealer was utterly useless and I ended up going through Renault Australia, who in all fairness, came through. Then of course the dealer refused to fit them because they didnt know how
  9. stromlo

    Saying hello after some lurking

    Yeah, I noticed this weekend some demo 2016 220's going for low 30's driveaway. Crazy bargain.
  10. stromlo

    Potential Clio RS200 EDC Owner

    Love it more every time I drive it, in short. About 18months and 9k km in (don't drive much other than w/e) and no dramas. Gearbox is fine - it is not an auto and needs to be driven as you would a manual (albeit with an automated clutch) but otherwise it is great. And for $200, you can do three mods to enrich the experience too (res delete, sports filter and intake amplifier tube cap off) and you'll have a great time.
  11. stromlo

    Gone French (RS Clio 200 Cup)

    RS Monitor only came with the "Premium" versions - other obvious premium fitment items were 'leather' seats, PDC + reverse cam. Retrofitting RS Monitor .... not sure its easily possible.
  12. stromlo

    First time Clio owner.

    Not a performance mod, but definitely get a dead pedal and support the fella on this board who makes them. Search ebay for it.
  13. stromlo

    Selling Fiesta ST for a second hand Clio RS200 EDC??

    Sounds like it is growing on you Chuck
  14. stromlo

    New RS 220 Owner

    FYI, I get about 8.5-9l/100 between services, including joyous Sydney weekend traffic, a bit of highway driving and a few spirited drives.
  15. stromlo

    New RS 220 Owner

    Congrats mate. If you were in Sydney, I’d trade you my 17s! First stop post dealer you ought to make is to an exhaust shop to get the center resonator removed for 100 bucks. Best mod you won’t regret.