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  1. stromlo

    Delivery kilometer

    Mine had 42km on it when i collected it
  2. That's the one! Just decide if you want the velcro or nut/bolt version. I have the verco one - perfect. No droning on the prior question either. At highway speed you can't pick a difference, but giving it beans you most certainly can. Plus pops and cracks in Sports mode too
  3. The one thing to hook up via ebay (or from a member here who makes em) is a OEM look deadpedal that slots into the footwell like Renault intended - costs about $50
  4. Nice work mate - now get the centre resonator chopped out for $100 and unleash noise equivalent to a catback
  5. Again with the uninformed claims of "truth". 1) 2016 Sport Premium 2) From new - 2+ years and just over 12k km 3) Essentially flawlessly. It has its quirks, like any car, but knowing what they are is most of the way to manage them. E.G. You need to know that a DCT is not an auto and drive it as such, otherwise it will seem flawed and jerky. My only beef has been the mediasystem, which sometimes is laggy or refuses to read a USB. 4) I've only used a dealer, so have stealer prices. I've had no problems; the only thing was discovering half way through the Phase 1 run, they changed the door seals to be fewer then the first Phase 1's production run. It doesnt really make a difference - none i can notice - but i got the replacement seals from Renault Aus. 5) Make sure it has a proper service history either at the dealer or a good indi. If you buy a ~late 2014 onwards model, it should have the 5 year warranty, which may give you some peace of mind. Some of the early 2013's needed a recall to fix the spoiler and prevent it falling off - if you look at those years, check any recalls have been done.
  6. Real issues or "issues" a member here claimed he heard from a mates mates mate they were experiencing?
  7. Hi mate, I have the Sport Premium. Other changes are you get climate control vs just a/c and RS Monitor (which is a menu in the infotainment which shows g-forces, configurable engine stats, lap timer, power meter, gearbox temps etc). Premium gives you a leather steering wheel, but wheel rims are unchanged (being either sport or cup designs). You're looking at the right colours too LY is just the biz (am biased...). The usual story with performance cars - make sure its a good service history, and maybe try get hold of the VIN to check with Renault what it has had done to it under its warranty.
  8. Welcome! Be sure to check out the Clio IV forum... heaps of useful info, including best bang for buck mods .
  9. Welcome! What colour did you pick? Be sure to check out the Clio IV forum... heaps of useful info.
  10. Cheers, there was me thinking Australia is one of the biggest markets for RS'. /s
  11. Refering to some 49 pages thread nobody here can read due to language differences is meaningless - the squeaky wheel always makes the most noise and it could be that a handful of owners there got monday morning cars (which is unfortunate of course). It ignores the hundreds of others who havent, yet you make it sound like Ford Econoshift PTII. Renotech here havent made any noise about it, so I'm judging it by the Australian level of "severity" which seems to indicate it is not something systematic as you infer, but rather particular to unlucky indivduals. That is not to make like of those who do have some issues, I hope they all get it sorted to their satisfaction, but hyping it up is questionable.
  12. I love it when people who dont own or drive a C4RS proclaim to know all about owning one. OP: here is some more pertinent owner feedback to the same question:
  13. Congrats mate, you should add yours to the 220 register in the Clio IV forum I was one who had missing secondary door seals and went through the process to get ones on order. My dealer was utterly useless and I ended up going through Renault Australia, who in all fairness, came through. Then of course the dealer refused to fit them because they didnt know how
  14. Yeah, I noticed this weekend some demo 2016 220's going for low 30's driveaway. Crazy bargain.
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