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  1. Oil leak.

    Good luck with it. The water leak is scuttle drains, I would clean them out asap or your cabin will get flooded. Goodluck with it. Check my threads for my Renault Migraine nightmares, I still owe about 8k on mine but no longer have it because it was a pile of s##t with weekly major issues. Worst mistake I ever made was buying a 225, I wish I'd kept my older ultra reliable Alfa 156, which was even a selespeed!
  2. Rs Megane 225 Headaches -_-

    The general advice is buy from a dealer as you're protected but it's an illusion. They can sell you a pos at a premium price with no warranty and there's not much you can do if it's junk without costly court battles.
  3. Rs Megane 225 Headaches -_-

    Good luck with fair trading. I was advised they can't enforce a resolution and I'd have to go to qcat. I'm 13k in debt for a pos car I got rid of... Oh. Contact the rta asap too. They may help if it was roadworthy items
  4. Rs Megane 225 Headaches -_-

    I'm still not convinced a lot of the common Megane issues are down to neglect or abuse. Gear linkages going brittle as they're plastic. Turbo solenoids failing. Swivel bearings rusting out. Electrical connectors disintegrating in the engine bay. Scuttle drains getting blocked because of the rubber flap on the bottom. Window regulators failing. Rain sensors failing. A clutch hydraulic system should not fail at 10 years, I had that happen for the first time on a 20 year old Mazda.
  5. Rs Megane 225 Headaches -_-

    And that's why I've decided to never buy used again. I know my new car hasn't been and won't be neglected.
  6. Rs Megane 225 Headaches -_-

    I feel your pain, hopefully it doesn't end up like mine, I traded mine 9 months after buying it and still owe more than I paid on the personal loan due to all the repairs, it was off the road on and off for near on 2 whole months in the 9 months I had it, the last straw was a broken gear linkage and flooded interior within two weeks then realising the DMF is almost ready to fall off. I miss the Power but don't miss the stress of owning it, seriously the worst made car I've even been stupid enough to buy. What is really irritating me is the dodgy dealer it got wholesaled to is dressing it up to look like a million buck just like the dealer I bought it from and like that dealer is lying about it being a CUP and being in great condition.
  7. Bought My First Renault! What Should I Do First?

    Mine is actually still for sale so thankfully for the OP it's not it, it was sold on Gumtree earlier and then back for sale again on a different but the same add. Someone must have had a pre purchase inspection done....
  8. Bought My First Renault! What Should I Do First?

    He said within the month though but sounds like mine. I was only just sold by a stealer though. Mine didn't have squeeky brakes or rattly interior though.
  9. New 225 Cup

    Well..... I now have the exact same power loss issue. Stumbling and backfiring on boost. I've done less than 2000k since fitting the new solenoid. This car is cursed or I am...
  10. New 225 Cup

    Cambelt is all done btw, running perfectly now. I've also ordered MaxiECU and a replacement keycard. My wife has ordered me a Cupra front lip for fathers day.
  11. New 225 Cup

    In my name finally. Fitted the turbo solenoid tonight, I was quoted $150 to fit it, took literally 15 minutes, 5 minutes was spent retrieving one of the clamps from the engine tray, so they charge about $900 an hour labour. Going in for WP, TB, pulleys, tensioner, AUX belt tomorrow then I'll be able to drive it normally lol.
  12. New 225 Cup

    Still not in my name. They're going to follow up TMR, I always thought transfers happened on the spot? I hope it's not due to incorrect rego number and I have to pay stamp duty and rego all over again.
  13. New 225 Cup

    No, I mean when I search the rego on the TMR website it says registered to dealer
  14. New 225 Cup

    So I'm getting a bit worried that the rego still hasn't been transferred to my name. TMR said it should be instant once they lodge, dealer says 5 business days...