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  1. New To France (250 Rs)

    Very nice looking car and I love the wheels. I'm desperate for some 18's for track use as well. I have also come from a BMW but it was a rally 2002ti which we used to tarmac rally. I'm also in Brisbane.
  2. Hi All - New Megane Rs 250 Racer/owner

    Thanks but not going back there. Several mates had bad experiences there. Will keep looking. Cheers guys.
  3. Hi All - New Megane Rs 250 Racer/owner

    Thanks, not interested in non-competitive happy days so doesn't sound like a club for me. Will definitely look into ECU upgrade. Going to have a good play when we get it running properly before that though. Is there a for sale section on the site? I couldn't find that.
  4. Hi all, I am soon to start racing a 2010/2011 Megane 250 RS Trophy. This was not our plan as we have always raced 1968 BMW 2002 but my Dad and I had a serious accident in Targa Tasmania this year (car is no longer with us) and have decided to move into a modern car as the cost to build up another classic BMW was too great. Anyhow, anyone know of a great mechanic in Brisbane that is familiar with the Megane RS 250? The car we have purchased needs some engine work ASAP and I would be keen to go to someone that knows these engines. What are some of the best value mods you can do to these cars and where do I get them done in Brisbane? We normally compete in hill climbs, Targa events, circuit sprints and town sprints like Gatton Street sprints and alike. Is there a Renault club in QLD? Cheers Ben