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  1. Hi All

    Thanks Apple, I'm considering a very cheap 172 from an acquaintance - no RWC due to super low price - a risk I'm willing to take given he's only after a few hundred bucks (stock except for exhaust, full service history, minor panel damage down one side, drives fine but needs tyres and rear pads in the near future). I'm starting to think that if tyres and pads aren't enough to get it a RWC, then I could always just sell it for parts. Roughly what would a generally solid, unregistered 172 be worth?
  2. Hi All

    Thanks for the replies guys. Any of the Victorian members able to provide some guidance on transferring ownership/rego? If I were to buy a car privately without RWC, I'd have 14 days to get the RWC then transfer rego. What happens if I don't get the RWC and transfer within 14 days? I've only recently moved to Melbourne so am not familiar with the RWC & rego process here.
  3. Hi All

    apple that R27 looks awesome and I intend to have a look at it over the weekend if we can tee up a suitable time. So I started out keen on a 197/200 and then started to think logically - if I'm going to track it ocassionally then a 172/182 will be cheaper on parts and tyres in particular. Which has left me with a bit of a head or heart dilemma.
  4. Hi All

    I'm tossing up between a 2002 172 and a 2013 200 (opposite ends of the spectrum I know!). I've driven both and prefer the 200 but know that the 172 is the more sensible option financially and particularly with the odd trackday on the radar.
  5. Hi All

    G'day all, I've lurked a while and thought it was time to introduce myself. I've never owned a Renault before but am keen to find something to use as a daily and occasional fun car (maybe the odd track day or hillclimb). I've got a couple on the shortlist so will see where it leads. JT