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  1. HamishW96

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    Okay so if the crank sensor goes bad the car wont start lol. The blue one is just an updated sensor/loom. A new generic will be fine. any clue when they were done?
  2. HamishW96

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    I just clean the switches and reseat them if they stuff up. French tings. If you haven't already, check the crank sensor. A blue one will show it's an updated part. Also, have any belts ever been done to your knowledge?
  3. HamishW96

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    My girlfriend bought a brand new 2014 fiesta with the powershift transmission, as her first car. That thing was deadly. Needless to say it got traded in for a Mazda 2 the next year due to the nervousness in roundabouts and traffic. Woulda lead to a smash. Ford wanted nothing to do with it and thought a simple reflash would fix it. Only had 12000km on it too.
  4. HamishW96

    New to Renaults and Melboune

    And pedobear tops it off lol. Where are you in melbs?
  5. HamishW96

    My First RS - Clio 200 Cup (Gen III)

    Awesome roads around there.... my had fun with my 172 around there
  6. HamishW96

    My first Renault!

    The RS a 2 door or 4 door?
  7. HamishW96

    Hey guys first time renault owner

    I want a personal fred lol to do all my RS fixing
  8. I'd do it as long as my car is every picture in there Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  9. HamishW96

    Oil service Adelaide

    What an absolute wanker. Glad you got your cash back. Bet the prick didn't even change the oil. Just took $129 of your money. Top tip. Get some filters from Renault, some penrite hpr5 5w40 oil when on special at your local parts store and be done with it... oh and the square fill plug socket. Bet he saw that, didn't have it so didn't change it. Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  10. HamishW96

    Hi all! Some advice for a potential 197 owner

    A bit worrying as my car last had its belts done by Paul in 2015 (the engine anyway). And all pump etc. I'm gonna do the whole thing again next year, a year early... Cos why not Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  11. HamishW96

    Selling Fiesta ST for a second hand Clio RS200 EDC??

    Jeez people can be cruel... I am sure you'd be happy with a clio. Not as involved due to the lack of a manual but I am sure it'll be good. I have been in a 200edc and it rides lovely.
  12. HamishW96

    Oil leak.

    Its a seal mate, pretty sure of it anyway. I suspected I had a driveshaft end seal leak on my 172 when I got it. I bought the seal but it didnt need doing when we had the engine out. So it wasnt done.... Don't worry too much, you own a jeep so you know how leaking feels already (my xj cherokee leaks everything and anything....)
  13. HamishW96

    12 years later

    Dank number plates lol
  14. HamishW96

    Need Help

    Aahahaha chuck I'm glad you didnt succumb to the 4 door-ness so early
  15. HamishW96

    Need Help

    Pffttt who has kids