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  1. New to Renaults and Melboune

    And pedobear tops it off lol. Where are you in melbs?
  2. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Okay. I'll put it in simple terms. You let them drive something they'll probably crash. They'll learn pretty bloody quick not to do it again due to the fact they'll be out 15k and whatever damage they do to the other party. Uninsured. Now youre just saying it'll be hip pocket... But I'm unsure if you've seen how fast a meg driven hard on the road is(you probably know). Now if you were to pull out in a roundabout and have someone inexperienced come from the right at break kneck speed... Good luck to you.. or a significant other.. as they're probably doing 50+kmh over the limit without 'knowing' due to the capability of the car. Then someone gets cleaned up and dead. The laws are there for a reason, if you're wanting a hot hatch you're not getting it to Potter around town in. You're getting it to drive, and as a young lad myself I know I'm fucking stupid and have done my fare share of stupid shit. Hence I bought a bloody four wheel drive to stop me driving like a spastic everywhere. And it's working. Not putting everyone else in danger driving too fast (even in a lowly Clio). Xevman, not saying you cant do it as I have plenty of acquaintances who drive restricted cars on P's. Some with ss utes, 350z's etc. Never been done. But they all drive them for the sole reason they're quick. The bottom line. Fast car + leadfoot P plater + no concept of slow driving in built up areas = smashes and hurt people @63x1092 . THAT is what I was saying, and yeah let them do it. But that's the risk that's run. MaybeI didn't 'understand' you completely, but I think it's a bit of a worry that if it's commonplace, having inexperienced drivers in FAST cars that'll lead to people being hurt. Say what you said, sure. But the issue is when innocent people get hurt which sucks big time.
  3. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Yeah but the issue is what if it's your wife or kid who cops it mate. Then you won't be saying that. Thats the issue.
  4. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Probably dynamically speaking you could upset a Porsche owner with your garbage Renault for 'keeping up' which is all I'd want out of a car I thought my 172 was quick. WRONG, meg 3's smack me rotten in bends lol.
  5. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Definitely the wrong forum to offer this type of advice on. I'll agree, you'll get away with it as it's a Renault lol. But a good point that you're not covered under insurance. Do as you please, you know what the issues are lol. And don't say you don't drive that meg hard, we all know how RS cars are driven
  6. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Make that the daily yeah??? 😂😂 Madman!
  7. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Geez I think I earned my steer in my rs @apple3337 good fun P plater car lel
  8. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Get a mk6 r, that'll be enough fun for a red P plater LOL and I'm sure it'll do you for the next 10 years with tuning etc
  9. My First RS - Clio 200 Cup (Gen III)

    Awesome roads around there.... my had fun with my 172 around there
  10. My first Renault!

    The RS a 2 door or 4 door?
  11. Hey guys first time renault owner

    I want a personal fred lol to do all my RS fixing
  12. I'd do it as long as my car is every picture in there Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  13. Oil service Adelaide

    What an absolute wanker. Glad you got your cash back. Bet the prick didn't even change the oil. Just took $129 of your money. Top tip. Get some filters from Renault, some penrite hpr5 5w40 oil when on special at your local parts store and be done with it... oh and the square fill plug socket. Bet he saw that, didn't have it so didn't change it. Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  14. Hi all! Some advice for a potential 197 owner

    A bit worrying as my car last had its belts done by Paul in 2015 (the engine anyway). And all pump etc. I'm gonna do the whole thing again next year, a year early... Cos why not Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  15. Selling Fiesta ST for a second hand Clio RS200 EDC??

    Jeez people can be cruel... I am sure you'd be happy with a clio. Not as involved due to the lack of a manual but I am sure it'll be good. I have been in a 200edc and it rides lovely.