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  1. Sahto

    Cost of Renault Bits

    "About 10 bucks" for a single Megane 225 flywheel bolt (there are 7 in total)
  2. Hi, sorry if this is an old post now but I own a Megane 225 Phase II on red Ps. Maintanence costs are not as extreme as you would expect for a European car and the reliability is extremely good for French car reputation. Just factor in the cost of brake pads, timing belt if it needs it, tyres, etc. Fuel is pretty good for a performance car so I wouldn't worry about that, as long as you are earning a reasonable income you should be sweet. Insurance is probably the biggest hit but hey what can you do if you're under 25. Try to insure it under your parents name with yourself as a secondary driver if possible, saves heaps. Other than that, performance wise the car is incredible. I let my mates drive it and they were blown away by the sheer power it can push through the front wheels. Even I can barely believe it's P legal. Handling is top notch as well, only a little bit of weight transfer through really tight sextions. The 225 is incredibly soft compared to my father's 265 Cup but still holds its own really well while maintaining a soft ride. Aftermarket options are available through K-Tec or Demon Tweeks and are plentiful if you want more power. It isn't a DIY car, as mentioned. You can't just go in and fiddle with sh*t like a Japanese car but they are customisable. If you do it you just have to do it right. That's my words of advice, good luck with your decision mate Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
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