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  1. sorry to dig up an old thread, @Moosey do you have a rough idea how many of that spec came in? @yeetergoat
  2. Brams

    Squeaky brakes - Clio RS Trophy

    slam on the brakes with no one behind you. generally I do this once and my brembos don't squeal for another few hours.
  3. Brams

    Bought My First Renault! What Should I Do First?

    Ive found that braking really really hard occasionally fixes the squeaky brakes in my clio rs3.. Maybe once a month?
  4. Brams

    R.s.01S To Australia

    I'll drive Only joking but its really cool that you're bringing a few in!
  5. Brams

    New Renault Megane Rs 275 Trophy Owner

    Mate I'm in the old clio 200, and every time I see the new one I feel a bit sorry for the person in the drivers seat ! Turbo but the same power, 4 doors and a flappy paddle gearbox... Hope it'll be the same story for you when the meg 4 comes out!
  6. Brams

    Rb Rs 200 Owner!

    No worries deb... Good to see a few Sydney Rs cars on the site! Mark200 im thinking of just painting the current wheels Black My tires are also getting worn, ps3s any good??
  7. Brams

    Rb Rs 200 Owner!

    Verrrrry nice build, love the itbs and ly
  8. Brams

    Rb Rs 200 Owner!

    Ahhh thats a real shame.. unfortunately not a valuable enough car for a personal import, and a respray not worth it :'(
  9. Brams

    Rb Rs 200 Owner!

    I love the rs cars, to the average joe they're not much but they're special to the people in the know.. Really love the 182s as well especially in silver and liquid yellow, not sure if any ly 182s got brought in to Australia though as they aren't too many worldwide
  10. Brams

    Rb Rs 200 Owner!

    Hey guys, had my Clio RS 200 for a few years and was recommended this forum by a 172 sport (monaco blue i think) owner but never got around to it.. Spotted a matching racing blue 182 in Newtown with ozrenaultsport.com stickers on the back and have joined