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  1. Hi - new just joined up

    Welcome look's good in white!!
  2. First time Renault owner

    Join the club Jamiec and welcome. Give as some pics of your clio!!
  3. New Renault driver

    Nice car
  4. Clio 182

    Nice find
  5. Hello! Newbies Megane RS from Melbourne

    Welcome from sunny Queensland!!!
  6. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

  7. First time Clio owner.

  8. Hey guys first time renault owner

  9. Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome to the forums. I have known about your company from the turborenault forum. Your coilovers look very nice and of high quality.
  10. New Clio Trophy Owner

    That is a nice Clio
  11. Hello! Impending RS265 cup buyer here :D

    Welcome to the forums
  12. Water leak...please help

    Pgibson, Check the washer bottle ( right at the bottom where the pipe feeds from) Or the housing of the bottle? Hope this helps.
  13. New Meg III RS Owner

    Welcome Skaps, What car or cars did you have before the RS?
  14. My new Rb8

    Nice car, I normally use BP 98 , always 98
  15. New Clio owner