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  1. Kinda new member

    Grats mate! Pics!
  2. My first Renault!

    Great combo!
  3. 182 Clio Cup - Needs mods!

    Stock exhaust tends to fall off due to rust/weight. Aftermarket one is a good way to go. ECU remapping - (RS Tuner by Henk is a common one) is a good way to improve driveability more than anything. Smooths out the revs and brings a little bit more torque down in the rev range. Induction Kits, mostly for noise more than any actual gains. Suspension. Really good as standard when new. Eibach sportlines lowering springs are good way to get a small drop without compromising the ride (too much IMO).
  4. Bought my first Renault! Sport 225

    Great colour and nice wheels. Welcome.
  5. Bella - Clio RS200 Red Bull

    Thats just gorgeous. Wicked cars all 3 of ya.
  6. Back again... 4th time!

    Hey mate, welcome back. There's been a few posts recently about removing the wheel. Search should find them.
  7. Many false starts but I'm back in an RS finally!

    Welcome back! Great choice in the best colour
  8. New Clio owner

    Very nice! Best colour.
  9. MK4 R.S clio owner newbie!

    Your previous cars sound tasty. Also had an xr5 turbo focus before the clio. Loved it. Welcome.
  10. First Renault--250 Rs Trophy

    Looks like a nice example! Welcome to OzRS!
  11. Team Dynamics 1.2

    15x7xet35 anthracite grey
  12. The 4 Year Wait..

    Grats mate! Went from a XR5 Turbo to a Clio 172. Love them both equally and welcome!