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  1. 63x1092

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    A F1 is only frb and are numbered to 30. My understanding is that the LE came out in only frb & bo and weren’t numbered. Both the F1 and LE typically came with strips. Though you can still get a 182 in frb that is a normal Cup and a non cup, bo I’m not sure about.
  2. 63x1092

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    So he’s asking 11K, good luck to him. No one on here would pay that much for that car. But, let’s say his Mrs says ‘sell your car’ so he puts a silly figure knowing it won’t sell and he’ll keep it, or he puts a high price waiting for a silly bugger to pay it, and waits a while and drops a K and a K and a K and eventually comes down enough that someone pops on it. It happened to me, my sons 182 Cup frb was quoted as a F1 with a asking of $7500 or $7900, no one looked at it until it came down to $6K and then at $5K it fell into my price bracket. I drove my F1 there to look at it and the first thing I said was “mate this is a F1, look at the number out of 30, yours ain’t a F1.” So I ended up paying the price I wanted nothing near what he’d asked.
  3. 63x1092

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    Yeah, I know the bloke and have seen the car many times as he’s in Mitcham and I’m in Ringwood North. Interested to know why the result was so disappointing.
  4. 63x1092

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    You usually find the last of a model to be the better one and in the case of Clio ll’s I believe so. The best is the Trophy which we didn’t get so the next option is the Cup. Yes you can upgrade all to whatever spec you want, be it a 172 or 182 but in a lot of people’s eyes a stock unmolested car can be worth more and I think out of all the Clio ll’s the 182 Cup will be the most sort after and valuable, if it isn’t already. So as he has asked for help, my advice is to buy a 182 Cup, no need to upgrade to cruise, change wheels to 16’s, no need to do any thing. Spend a little more and get a Cup. Age is the down fall with these cars now and a well sorted 172 is worth just as much as a 182 but it ain’t a 182. Either way buy the best car available at the time for the money you have but don’t say I should of got a Cup.
  5. 63x1092

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    If you want to have a look at four 182 Cups in Melb just send me a PM. One is definitely for sale out of the four, I haven’t put it on the market yet as I’ve been collecting parts to fix two up. But you might get lucky as the Mrs started about getting one out as she knows it’ll be months until I can work on them again. All Clio’s are slightly different, I’ve gone from a esp 172, to 182 stock and now have only 182 Cups, and I can notice the difference between them, it’s not a big gap but still a gap. I wouldn’t get a 172, I’d advise a 182 Cup instead, but that’s just me and I can’t speak with four at the moment.
  6. I still drive the 225 Cup and it’s a great car but I feel the Clio gives you a better satisfaction over the Meg. I was at a RCCQ meeting years ago speaking to a bloke who worked at Renault and asked to compare the two and he said “the Meg makes you look like a better driver but the Clio you have to be a better driver to get the same out of it.” Or as my Mrs said after having my Clio for a while then pushing me out of the Meg, “this feels like a ladies car, I’m taking this one”
  7. I had the same problem with my kids complaining about my 182 so I went and got a 225 Cup. Only problem is I don’t like the 225, so the wife has claimed it and I’ve gone out and bought more 182 Cups.
  8. 63x1092

    RS250 Cup in Townsville

    I just spent three weeks in Ayr while working on the Clare solar farm and was searching for Renaults in far north qld, the only thing I found was another frenchy, a Goat 205si for $300, I would of popped on it but they had no wheels for it
  9. 63x1092

    Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Aussiefrogs dropped off the net totally for four days this last week and guess why, tapatalk
  10. 63x1092

    Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    I'd like to see the location under your username like it used to be, makes it hard to reply in wanted/selling threads when you don't know where their from.
  11. 63x1092

    Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Define gash, then again perhaps not.
  12. 63x1092

    Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Can we please have a ?? Dislike This button. pretty please with sugar on top
  13. 63x1092

    Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    The unread button is playing funny buggers. I'm thinking the site is really slow with the upgrade when you tap the unread button and its from hours ago, so just now I went to home and the latest stuff is from minutes ago.
  14. 63x1092

    Renault Noob Looking To Dip Toe In The Water

    Just get yourself a cheap Clio ll and blow the rest for her (family car).
  15. 63x1092

    New 225 Cup Owner - Adelaide

    Old school fix for the gas struts is to give them a good yank so they end up with a slight curve, that way the boot doesn't fall down onto your head. Start with a small curve and if it's still falling just add to it slightly until the boot stops falling. Don't worry about stuffing them up as they're already stuffed, just don't add a big curve to start with.