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  1. mmh

    My turn to say "Hi"

    Welcome to the forums! Wealth of information here...
  2. mmh

    Hello Renault World

    welcome to the forums
  3. mmh

    Site theme

    hiya, is there a way to apply the dark theme (from re-reading the site upgrate thread there was a theme button bottom left)? Can't seem to find it thanks
  4. mmh

    Hi - new just joined up

    welcome to the OzRS forums!
  5. mmh

    First time Renault owner

    welcome to the forums!
  6. mmh

    Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    We've owned our 2015 RS Sport for close to three years now, approx 35K kms driving and no issues, been very happy with the car
  7. mmh

    Owner of new 220 trophy

    Congrats and welcome to the forums... my wife and I considered buying that one interstate and shipping it down but found the dealership communication a bit hit and miss and ultimately we passed on it
  8. mmh

    Potential Clio RS200 EDC Owner

    because the ECU is calculating when to change down and you run the risk of effectively double downshifting which in turn adds stress to components
  9. mmh

    2014/15 Clio RS 200 ?

    Welcome to the forums We have a 2015 build model, no issues to speak of - about to click over 35K kms. Been very happy with the car.
  10. mmh

    English newbie

    Welcome to the forums Renault Car Club of Victoria are CAMS affiliated; not sure but one would assume Renault Car Club of Australia are also
  11. mmh

    Greetings from Adelaide

    welcome to the forums, great choice!
  12. mmh

    Potential Clio RS200 EDC Owner

    We've done 33K kms in ours and no reliability issues. DCT is fine; if you drive in manual mode - let the gearbox deal with downshifts when driving on public roads. The only exception to this I've found is occasionally when driving hard and braking to take a left turn off a main road I will knock down from 4th to 3rd myself. Try not to crawl using the footbrake in traffic, use stop start technique. I've been lucky enough to drive a Lambo Gallardo and Ferrari 360 - and with both the instructor gave me the same advice regarding letting the computer deal with downshifts.
  13. mmh

    Saying hello after some lurking

    We test drove a frost white Trophy with 23km on it earlier in the year - the car hadn't even arrived at the dealership when we enquired about it... went for a test drive the following week once they had it delivered - and it looked quite dirty. Immediately raised a red flag with the missus regarding maintaining the paintwork and it would have been her daily. Great to drive but dealer lost the sale due to not having the car look immaculate.
  14. mmh

    C4RS 200T from SA

    Welcome to the forums