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  1. New to Renault

    Have you got experience with other cars? I would say there are the obvious good tyre choices out there but depends on how much you want to spend I had federal RSR-R's on my previous clio which I thought were pretty good. Advan AD08r's on the megane now
  2. What Should I buy RS 265 or 275 ???

    As said above, I use mine everyday which includes work use and it goes well
  3. New Megane RS 250 Cup Trophee

    I love the silver! Very nice. Ive seen another forum member paint the wheels the same silver/grey as on the bumper/rear diffuser, if thats an idea for you? I recommend starting with the centre resonator cut out as said above, not very expensive and you can go from there
  4. Newfound love for Renault Sport

    I would recommend just doing the center resonator delete and drive it around abit first, see how it sounds
  5. Newfound love for Renault Sport

    Although I've never driven a Honda.. Ive owned a Clio 182 previously and they are amazing (apparently I've 'downgraded'). I would recommend having a drive of a 172/182 I suppose it depends on what you plan to do with the Megane, but standard they are very capable. In my opinion they are a car that can do abit of everything though limited with the two doors. If your thinking of carrying people in the back I would suggest having a look at few before you buy. Im not sure about the meganes without recaros.. but I'm reasonably tall and theres not a lot of room behind the drivers seat recaro. As said above you will adjust to the blind spot but its not that bad anyway. Feel free to ask any questions, happy to answer
  6. Rs275 aircon relays/fuse location

    A megane 275 that has had an A/C leak? that seems abit suspicious to me, just because its a relatively new car. Maybe something has been previously damaged or changed? Can you see if the compressor clutch is engaging? If the A/C hasn't been used for a long time, could lead to other issues. Could be anything though, maybe best idea to take it to an Auto electrician to check it out
  7. RS 265 Models Explained

    Im not so sure.. but I thought the Red bull versions did not come with xenon directional headlights? If your getting a 250 I recommend a Trophee. The trophee comes with recaros, directional headlights and so on. Mine is a 250 Australian GP. Only real difference is the moon roof and body coloured matched bits, but then again some Trophee's came with them too.. its confusing.
  8. Hello! Newbies Megane RS from Melbourne

    Usually you will find events and drive days on the Social Events part of the forum
  9. 2013 Megane Air-Con Problem

    I would recommend to see an auto electrician who knows what he's doing with Air conditioning. Unless you have warranty Sounds like the unit controlling hot/cold air is faulty and stuck on blowing cold air through- for the left side. Do you use it on auto setting?
  10. Help

    Not sure how much this will help, though I had my centre cat removed and I haven't had any issues with it.
  11. Rs Megane 225 Headaches -_-

    Generally when Im looking at a used car, I will have a mechanic with me to inspect the vehicle before purchase. Can save a lot of time and money later. I also believe there are a lot of other cars brands that will fall apart if they are not maintained. Just seems like the previous owner(s) didn't look after it. Ive never bought a used car from a dealer, but I don't think I would trust them just because they did a roadworthy certificate. Just my opinion
  12. Megane Rs250 Or Ford Fiesta St

    I think its worth the time to get the car checked over. If theres no urgency to buy the car, try negotiate a day with the owner to have it looked by a specialist. Or if its possible to have a specialist mechanic come to the car, though might cost you more?
  13. Hi! New Rs Owner. Clio 182 Cup In Adelaide

    The paint condition looks awesome
  14. If your not very confident at cleaning the headlights, theres usually a good detailer around. I had mine done recently and they look brand new. Cost wasn't too much in my opinion
  15. Greetings - Clio Edc

    Did you paint the badge on the back white? Looks awesome either way