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  1. Welcome, I have the exact same car 18 months old 18k and love it, sure you will too.
  2. DavesClio

    My First Renault!

    Welcome, you will love her, had my Cup for 15 months, 15000k, has not missed a beat, still grin every time I drive her.
  3. DavesClio

    Factory Warranty And Track Days

    Who knows it happened at the track??
  4. DavesClio

    Looking To Purchase - Rs 200 Clio Iv

    Picked mine up in April this year and told see you in 12 months or 10000k, 8800 now and no issues what so ever. Love the little red rocket.
  5. DavesClio

    Nsw South Coast

    RS 200 Cup owner in Batemans Bay, spent 3 days in Husky just recently.
  6. DavesClio

    First New Renault In 36 Years

    My last Renault was a 1964 R8, and I have bought a RS200 just before retirement, 8500 klms now and it brings a grin everytime I drive her. You will love it. Cheers
  7. DavesClio

    Haggling - Advice S'il Vous Plaît

    I sell new cars for a living (not Renault) once you have agreed on a price and paid a deposit subject to a test drive (and you will love that) then really the negotiating is over, and surely you wouldn't pay a deposit if you hadn't agreed on a deal.
  8. DavesClio

    New Rs 200 Cup Premium

    Hi Richard, Had my Flame Red Cup for 3 months now, and my late mid life crisis is probably later than yours. Wife loves it, I love it, and the mates think I am crazy. Who cares. Welcome and enjoy.
  9. DavesClio

    Another Newbie

    Hello to all my fellow Renault Sport fans. Have had my Clio RS200 Cup in Flame Red for just over 2 months, 4500 klms and have loved everyone of them. My very first car was a 1964 R8 purchased in 1971 and have many fond memories of her, just has to get another fun car while I am still young enough to have fun. Look forward to keeping in touch. Cheers