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  1. New Rs265 Owner

    You're gonna love it, the megane is by far the best handling car I've ever owned in stock form and that's coming from a few fun sports cars!
  2. Rs 265 Cup Or Trophy

    Jsr85, I just took my car to service today regarding the brake pedal play and the service advisor has told me its normal as the same thing with his own RS275. There's some play when the brake pedal is not pressed, but when you step on it and put force on it the pedal is stable. Unfortunately it cannot be fixed, its how it is
  3. New Toy

    Looks very nice, congrats on the car and welcome! I've had my for 2 weeks now and love driving it..
  4. Rs 265 Cup Or Trophy

    My brake pedal has side to side play as well, 2015 rs265 cup premium with only 8000km, I've booked in with dealer to get it check out next Wednesday. Hopefully its a easy fix!
  5. Finally Got My 2015 Megane Rs265 In Liquid Yellow! :)

    I've heard of heavy fines ranging from 5-10k in NSW so definitely not worth the risk what so ever, plus it's so obviously from the fuel smell by driving behind you. I would never do it, just get a high flow cat at least 200cel and keep it legal on the road..
  6. Finally Got My 2015 Megane Rs265 In Liquid Yellow! :)

    Sorry, I didn't make myself clear.. it's a milltek secondary cat bypass pipe, so main cat is still there on the downpipe to make the car legal on the road. It's a very popular mod in the RS3 community that give some performance increase and amplifies the sound.Dont worry, I understand about the straightpipe decat fines and would never wanna take the risk and go that way!
  7. Finally Got My 2015 Megane Rs265 In Liquid Yellow! :)

    Sorry for the late replies, being away on a business trip Thanks for the comment guys, I'm not as young as you think at age 34 but the liquid yellow from Renault has to be the best yellow from all car manufacturers and I'm so happy to own it! The RS3 is the best sounding car I've ever had, have done a tune and decat so it's a little pocket rocket. Planning to delete the centre silencer on the RS265 for more sound as I felt it's really quiet atm!
  8. Finally Got My 2015 Megane Rs265 In Liquid Yellow! :)

    Thank you Goatman Hahaa.. I've used the same username in all car forums
  9. Finally Got My 2015 Megane Rs265 In Liquid Yellow! :)

    Being driving the Megane all day today, felt its more fun than the rs3 since its manual.. Hahaa.. I've always being a manual guy!
  10. Finally Got My 2015 Megane Rs265 In Liquid Yellow! :)

    Sounds good Chuck, I'll be sure to come along to meet the guys when work is not in the way! Thank you Stromlo, I totally love the LY.. I reckon its one of the best yellow on the market, I nearly went for a white one but so glad I went LY istead!
  11. Finally Got My 2015 Megane Rs265 In Liquid Yellow! :)

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome, I mainly bought this car for track event as I have more time from work to do my own things now.. Loving the car so far and already read through lots of help information on this forum! Look forward in meet you all on future events! PS. I'm from Sydney btw
  12. Hello Everyone, I've very new to french sport car, have being looking for a tidy facelift megane rs265 for a while and finally had a chance to own a cup premium model in the beautiful liquid yellow. Got so much to learn about the car, so hopefully you guys don't mind me asking questions if I ever can't figure out something. Thank you and enjoy the pics