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  1. No152

    Looking to buy Clio RS

    After turbo inlet pipe. At least the inlet pipe was a simple fix. If you decide you want to try the Cup (ours is LY and in Brisbane) for comparison feel free. Ours has never used launch so can’t say how that is. Before we bought ours the test drive of the dealer demo (was a Sport) included a couple of test launches. Tbh I can’t see the rave about it. Didnt even ever use it in the dishwashR - and if ever there was a launch wagon, that would be it! 😁
  2. No152

    Looking to buy Clio RS

    Premium/Trophy adds climate control aircon as well I think that’s not in the standard and satnav as part of the upgraded R Link. Definitely an improved cabin feel with the seats and trim bits in leather. The better infotainment and control panel for aircon just better looking imo as well as the obvious functionality. I suggest driving that one I posted a link to above as that is great value at that price (cheapest Cip Trophy on Carsales at present in Aus) has low kms with books and it appears the dealer doesn’t know what it is which happens more than you might think. You may pick it up for close to your budget. I don’t think the suspension stiffness increase will be hugely noticeable. Handling is improved for sure over the Sport. Worth a drive. Warranty is a nice to have but maybe not a deal breaker at that price. Good luck!
  3. No152

    Looking to buy Clio RS

    To the OP I case you didn’t see the for sale thread post. Dealer in Bris. Doesn’t seem to know what it is. Could be a good one to check out... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2013-Renault-Clio-RS-200-Sport-Auto/OAG-AD-15976015?id=OAG-AD-15976015
  4. No152

    Looking to buy Clio RS

    Welcome to the forum. Good to see another Brissy member looking to enter RS ownership. If you are looking at 2014 or later, you should be OK with the 5 year warranty but that's worth checking. I'm guessing you have searched the model variants and features of them? Black wheels = Cup chassis, which is a bit stiffer ans sits lower than the Sport chassis versions and has larger diameter wheels (18s instead of 17s I think) and red calipers instead of silver. Leather interior means Trophy (or Premium in later variants), which gives a better sound system as well as the R Link 2 plus a host of other niceties like seat warmers etc.. which makes it generally an improvement over the standard variant. The price hike from a standard to a Trophy was significant in the new car, so with depreciation to the near-new that you are looking at means they are great value to get a fully-loaded one for not much more $$ than the lesser variant. We have had one (LY Cup Trophy) from new (purchased August 2014) which has had a bit of bad luck with two issues with these cars which I wouldn't necessarily call common, but are also not isolated. We have had the transmission control unit replaced twice, which I think would have to be very unusual, and fingers crossed is all sorted now. No issues with the clutch pack themselves, which seem fine. Are planning to tune it up? If so, might have issues down the track, but again there are potential fixes for that as well. Plenty of tuners putting big power through them without a litany of failed Clio gearboxes lining the highways. The other issue that is a "known" is the turbo inlet housing which is a common failure. There's a thread on the forum about this. easy fix, but a real PITA when it happens. Part is expensive if going OEM and not under warranty. Again, get one with warranty and no dramas. Servicing is pretty normal for a small hatchback, with the usual dealer network issues (more threads on that on the forum too). Sadly Brisbane doesn't seem to have many specialist independents like they do in Sydney and Melbourne, but some folks mention two that seem pretty good. If you get one that still has warranty, the services are capped price for the duration of the warranty, so generally pretty reasonable. That all said, a pretty good thing overall, and much nicer than lots of other small hatches, and better than pretty much anything you get for the same money - and that's a typical RenaultSport trait - great things to buy used, not so much as new. Great handling, and always a striking looking vehicle, especially in the bright colours. Have you looked at many and driven a few? I suggest at least drive both a Cup and Sport to see if there is a bent either way for you. And of course, if you like leather seats etc, then a Trophy/Premium it is... Good luck with your search. If you can't find a fully loaded one to drive, PM me and you can check ours out.
  5. No152

    I just brought a 265 Trophy!

    Congrats and welcome to the forum. As others have said, lots of good info on the forum and always folks willing to help. Check out the social threads too if that is of interest as each state has groups that arrange social drives, track days and lots of other events if you wish to catch up with like-minded people who love all things RenaultSport 👍 Nice choice of the lunar grey btw - that colour suits the Meg
  6. No152

    Site theme

    Nobody looking at it?
  7. Plus 1 what Chuck and Speedfiend have said. Cup Premium is the continuation of what was previously the Trophy LE, so has all the good bits of that such as all the nice trimmings inside, Akrapovic exhaust etc... so short of getting the Trophy R, is the best of its breed. Contrary to popular belief, Renaults are quite reliable, so you don't need to have concern, and the Cup Premiums will have balance of 5 year warranty in any event. Great car, great specification, and great fun. The more time you spend in one, the more you will appreciate it. Perfect for week end blasts - pretty much second to none for that unless actually you want to throw at least another 50 large at your car (and potentially not even then). RenaultSport Meg III's seriously punch above their weight for the twisty road week end blast! Check out the "for sale" thread on here as there are always forum members changing cars, selling what usually are well-loved examples. Good luck in your search and welcome to the forum.
  8. No152

    Driving Style

    The amount of brass in the trophy cabinet from hillclimb success attests to this!
  9. No152

    Driving Style

    He's in Adelaide. If you ask Speedfiend really nicely, you might get spoiled and be allowed to trial a Trophy R. Be warned - it will ruin you.
  10. No152

    Driving Style

    I understand this requirement sadly. The T-R is next level, but the other variants are very, very good out of the box, and spectacular with just minor and completely safe modification. The best way to describe the driving sensation with the LSD and perfohub arrangement is that as you dial in the power (earlier towards the apex the better) power is delivered to the outer front wheel which bites in and "pulls" the outer corner of the car around the corner on line. It is an awesome sensation which you can really feel (especially if you drive a non-LSD front driver back to back with a Meg), and this allows spectacularly high cornering speeds once you learn to trust it - which takes very little time at all, as it is all very neutral up to the limits. Megs benefit from sticky, good quality tyres, which do two things in regards to the above - they increase the capacity (and confidence) of the front end pulling around from the outside to stay on line, plus they allow the tail moving outwards in this situation to occur very progressively (yep, inducing oversteer while still under power in a corner without lifting off is possible with a Meg 3 and can be done on wet roads at respectable speeds to hone your skills), all the while being very controllable. The only thing not controllable when this happens is the grin you will have. If you are not giggling like a school girl after a spirited drive in a well set up Meg, you don't have a pulse! My suggestion is to go and drive a few and experience it for real yourself. I suggest driving one with a tune if possible, because (in my experience - remembering my first Renault was a Trophy R) I feel the 250/265 is still a little heavy for the power in standard guise, so the slightly more power/slightly less weight balance is noticeable in these cars. In any event, you will get the feel of the LSD and perfohub arrangement, and know what I a on about above. Oh, and push the "Sport" button. A must do. I once drove my T-R in normal mode, but only did that once. can't even remember now what it was like. Sport mode always on... Good luck.
  11. No152

    Driving Style

    Welcome to the forum. Good choices in what you are looking at, you will have a heap of fun in the Megane. As Speedfiend said above, the best and most engaging drive you can buy for the money, even for significantly more money. If you are buying used, the value equation for the Megane is bordering on criminal - they are that good. I have owned and driven most of what you are considering, so I can offer some feedback that might help you. I am familiar with what a worked CA18DET is capable of (I had a worked clubman with one of these - rear wheel drive madness running E85 only. So much fun). Others relevant to the discussion include a couple of Clios, Megane Trophy R and lightly modded Mk7 Golf R. Firstly, lets get the power discussion out of the way. As your beasts have been various iterations of turboed this or that, if you are used to that shove in the back, then a Clio, while maybe almost as quick on the track, is simply an order of magnitude slower in most road driving. By way of example, my first Renault was a Trophy R (a little spoiled there), so anything compared with that is quite simply less. It just is. I bought both a 182 and a Clio III (Angel and Demon), and found the absence of a turbo and LSD really made the Megane feel supercar connected by comparison, in every way. A Clio III with a Quaiffe would be a great thing, but then would feel slow pulling out of the bends. For outright power and acceleration, the Golf R is a bolt of lightning - way quicker than anything else on a real world road, even the Trophy R. As the roads get tighter and rougher, the Golf R just gets faster and more glued to the tarmac. No understeer ever, and limits that are bordering on stratospheric. But (and it's a very large BUT), the Golf R simply isn't as much fun to drive as the Trophy R. What the surrender monkeys really got right in the T-R is driver engagement. Much has been said about that on this forum, and it's real. The Trophy R with its reduced weight, no sound deadening and all the rest means you can feel (and hear) every pebble on the road, and the tyres are virtually hard-wired to your brain. The sticky tyres, perfohub and LSD mean that cornering is a complete giggle. Lift-off oversteer is the norm, or neutral handling up to the point of the limit, which is very high. Add in the drama of the Recaro seats, manual gearbox, brembos etc... you have the complete driver package that you can also take shopping. A 265 is significantly heavier than the Trophy R, and you can feel this by way of a less-involved drive, but some judicious weight saving and a tune goes a long way to solving this, it just won't be as raw as a Trophy R, which is pretty much "race car". If that's what you want, and don't need rear seats, get one of them. Everything said on here about them is real. I'd still have mine if I could convince SWMBO to part with the kids... So, to summarise all that (sorry about all the words, but hope it helps you), the Golf R (with a moderate tune) is the fastest on real roads full stop. If the road is wet, the margin is even more significant. Handling is superb and grip levels so high, that it borders on boring unless you are seriously at risk of spending time with the constabulary and taking the bus to work. The Megane, although FWD, is predictable and direct up to significant limits and is a hoot in the corners like few others. Don't worry about the FWD and driving style as the adjustment is very easy. Wet roads obviously reduce the grip, and increase the fun, but amazing all the same. You can still very easily lose your license with one of these too... Clios do all the above like the Megane just at lower speeds, but for me, the power rush is missing. Others have different views on this, but that is my experience of the types of cars in your sights. Hope it helps, and hopefully you will go the Megane path. Get a used one, depreciation on new ones is butt-bleeding, making used version amazing value.
  12. No152

    RS265 "Sport Limited Edition"

    I’m with you on the Recaros. If you have your heart set on them don’t compromise. Good ones come up that are specced the way you want. All 8:08s, Red Bulls and I think AGPS have them standard. Then lots of Cups and Trophee models where that option was ticked by the first buyer. in my view the Recaros are a must have as well, so I’m with you on that...
  13. No152

    RS265 "Sport Limited Edition"

    Or this one if you want an 8:08 in LY with all the fruit... Ex forum member's recently traded it seems. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Renault-Megane-2012/OAG-AD-15851742/?Cr=0 Plus 1 about don't get the Sport edition without the LSD. One of Renault Australia's few really great ideas was to pretty much only bring in the Cup spec chassis in the Meg 3 (with that one exception)
  14. No152

    New RS 220 Owner

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on a nice looking car. You will probably be stampeded in the rush to swap the 220 OEM wheels for "lesser" variant ones on here, so be warned making statements like that... Hahaha You should get better fuel economy than the old Subie by a good margin, unless you are constantly tracking it or using race mode and launch control. In which case, you may reach those kinds of consumption figures. Just... My two bob's worth re the wheels is to drive it for a while with the OEM wheels and they may grow on you a bit. Certainly my view is it would be a retrograde step to downgrade the 220 rims to one from a lesser version of the car. Plus, when you sell it, the new buyer will likely be seeking the car "complete" with the OEM wheels. Enjoy your new car!
  15. I'm not sure about the depreciation on the IV - I was very irritated how much I had to pay for a three year old one! They do better than most RenaultSport models. That could be true Chuck. I was referring to what you can pick up a very good, low km late model one with warranty for as a percentage of the new cost. Great buying as used cars...