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  1. No152

    Traded in my Fiesta ST for a Clio RS Cup

    Good choice there - you are likely to have received a better trade on on the FiST than you would likely get trading the wife... 😜 Welcome to the forum btw and enjoy the new ride
  2. No152

    RS265 or RS250?

    The 265 is the facelift model ad is 2014, so may well have warranty left if the NZ warranty situation was the same as here in Aus. Plus the 265 has the R Link 2, which gives the SatNav and the reverse camera etc.. not available on the 250. Overall, I'd be inclined to go with the newer car for the price differential - with both at similar kms. Either way, both will be huge fun on some of those twisty Kiwi roads you guys have over there. Welcome to the forum, and enjoy whatever RS you get!
  3. No152

    Potential owner ✋🏼

  4. No152

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    Without wanting to offend anyone with a Clio (sorry if I did) my first RS was a Trophy R so it’s pretty hard to see any other RS as equal or better. Thr OP was discussing a Meg and I can relate to his dilemma on that front. All RS cars are capable, special and fun. That’s why we are in this forum cos we know that!! Folks have different tastes, otherwise all RS cars would be four door autos wouldn’t they... Ummmm.... bugger! Carsales, gotta find a good Meg 3.... 😜
  5. No152

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    Did we meet? 😜 I put you in the category of the very fine folks on here that love Clios - and rightly so. Great cars (esp Clio 3s). Just for me, the Meg is that little bit more that suits my tastes. To the OP, all RS cars are special and have their fans for good reason!
  6. No152

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    This is true. I don’t think I ever met someone who drove a Meg RS that didn’t buy one.
  7. No152

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    Not only are Meganes a performance car bargain (and a bit of a well kept secret here in Aus) they are also generally highly reliable, especially as others have said if they are looked after. The bits that are less spectacular are some of the trim items like door handles which can break. Doors are huge and the fixings are either designed by Italians or are minimalist to save weight (tongue in cheek). Fairly easily fixed so not a reason not to buy one. Im with you on the Meg v Clio (sorry good Clio folks here) because the lsd and the perfohub setup is a miracle of geometry and engineering. Makes a front driver very neutral to drive and pulls the nose around around the apex when you are on it. Mind blowing the first time you give a Meg a little of the angry pedal through your favourite roads. Get out of a Meg into a Clio and it feels skittish (to me) -horses for courses as lots of folks on here love the Clio (so they are right too!). Change the belts on schedule, keep good oil in it and throw a sat of PS4S tyres on it and head to the hills. You’ll love it!!
  8. No152

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    Lol just beat me to it Jason! But I was lazy Chuck. Your posts are awesome and have all the info. 👍 To the OP, the 8:08 Chuck referred to for sale inQld looks immaculate. I have seen it about a few times and is definitely near the top of the quality spectrum for the model. There’s also a very low km RB8 for sale in Sydney that started too high priced but is close to the correct money now that could be a good option for you. Both have leather Recaros. RB8 also has the bi xenon lights and satnav as it has the later R link from the facelift models. Was the last hurrah for the pre facelift version so is fully loaded as a limited edition.
  9. No152

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your choice of car. The Meg RS is a cracking drive and the performance bargain of a generation as used vehicles. Look at the various Megane threads that explain the model differences (there are many and it’s very confusing indeed). To simplify things to be assured of Recaros go 8:08, RB7 or RB8 but lots of others have them optioned. If you go later than 2013, there is a good chance of 5 year warranty so possibly some warranty left on later ones. If you want to rock your world and don’t need rear seats, get a Trophy R, and it will ruin you for just about any car thereafter unless you can drop $200k plus on a performance toy. Good luck in your search...
  10. No152

    RS275 Cup Premium

    Hi Ray, Welcome to the forum. No doubt you are keeping an eye on the for sale thread, where members list their cars for sale. Nice choice with the Cup Premium, and good luck in your search. Good ones always pop up from time to time if you are not in a tearing hurry.
  11. No152

    Hello Hello Hello

    Chat to @ace who has built a turbo Clio (Clio 2). If you do this, make sure to budget for the LSD because the lack of one will be especially noticeable with the turbo engine. Biggest issue may be getting the various computers to work, so an extensive auto electrical path you will likely walk. Then if course for the budget needed to turbo a Clio well, you could build a very mighty Meg. Stripped out (a la Trophy R) they get down close to Clio weights... And have the LSD and Perfohub which makes the magic happen that you refer to... Food for thought. Welcome to the forum!
  12. No152

    Looking to buy a RS 275 Trophy - Adelaide

    This is true...
  13. No152

    Looking to buy a RS 275 Trophy - Adelaide

    Don’t believe him, he’s messing with you... besides that one would be headed to Qld I reckon if it ever went up for sale... 😎
  14. No152

    New Renault owner

    Driving too gently probably. Check fuel consumption. If impressively low, then you may just need to apply more throttle more often to achieve pops and crackles 👍
  15. No152

    RS265 or 275

    Biggest difference from 265 to 275 was the adoption of the R link 2 (and warranty as you pointed out). There are 265 models with warranty still (the later ones) and there are variants of the 265 (limited editions mostly) that had the later spec infotainment. other than that it’s mostly trim differences between late 265s and the 275. You’d be hard pressed to notice the difference performance wise especially in Sport mode (which is the recommended mode at all times) except if you get a Trophy R. They are very different from either. Buying interstate should be no issue if you are careful and have it checked prior to purchase. I’ve bought interstate lots of times and no issues. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your search 👍