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  1. No152

    RS265 or 275

    Biggest difference from 265 to 275 was the adoption of the R link 2 (and warranty as you pointed out). There are 265 models with warranty still (the later ones) and there are variants of the 265 (limited editions mostly) that had the later spec infotainment. other than that it’s mostly trim differences between late 265s and the 275. You’d be hard pressed to notice the difference performance wise especially in Sport mode (which is the recommended mode at all times) except if you get a Trophy R. They are very different from either. Buying interstate should be no issue if you are careful and have it checked prior to purchase. I’ve bought interstate lots of times and no issues. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your search 👍
  2. No152

    Hey guys rs200 won't start after the accident

    Check @Treza360 ride thread. There is an ecu that needs replaced after a crash. Might be that. It’s a single use item apparently and once triggered cuts the fuel pump
  3. I believe they all were specced with stripes but some folks deleted the stripes (like some do on the Meg 3 Trophy and Trophy R) plus over time the stripes tended to not take too well to repeated sun exposure and cracked so some may have removed them for this reason. my BO LE had the stripes
  4. No152

    Need some help!!!!!!!!

    That sounds very French... 😜
  5. No152

    Need some help!!!!!!!!

    FWIW it’s probably better for you to have a Cup insured as a Trophy than the other way around, especially in the event of a theft or other total loss. But agreed it would be simpler for all of the VIN listed description was accurate
  6. No152

    RS265 Sport LE Diff upgrade

    At that kind of money, I expect you would be well into 265 Cup territory. Factor in that the diff change will have some $$ attached, I think you'll get something that has the LSD and much more in your total budget. LSD > wheels every day of the week in these cars IMO
  7. No152

    RS265 Sport LE Diff upgrade

    I'd recommend having a chat to the good folks at Renotech, who have just about undertaken every possible upgrade and change to a Renault that can be done. They would be able to tell you if it's simple or not - maybe bunging in a gearbox from a wrecked Cup is all that's needed, but rarely do these things work out to be so simple. They'd be able to tell you. Just out of curiousity, why are you looking at buying the LE and making that sort of change that will not be nominal in cost? They must be practically giving away the LE, because it misses out on a fair bit of kit besides the LSD (trim, manual aircon only, no parking sensors or reverse camera etc) that you get in many other variants (plus a whole lot more in some) for not too much extra money - given how bargain basement the prices of Meganes are now. factor in the cost of the LSD upgrade and it's hard to imagine you couldn't otherwise have just bought one with everything you want for the same money. In any event, good luck with your research, and definitely Renotech will be able to provide some input on the cost of a diff change.
  8. No152

    new rs

    Welcome to the forum James. I see you are in Brisbane. Sadly local options for a tune that can be recommended in Brisbane ar few for the RS cars. Worth a trip to Sydney for Adrian at Race Spec Tuning to work his magic.
  9. No152

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    Yes lots of discussion on that point in this thread! RS Megs are traditionally great value used propositions (sadly for everyone except the used car buyer), but I agree there will be a big market for power increases, and it looks like the EDC might even be up for the task. That will result in some wicked French shopping trolleys running about in the (hopefully) near future... And a positive. For those waiting to get out of warranty before doing the big power up, only a three year wait for that... 😎
  10. No152

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    You are very right, my error. The DCT450 is a 6 speed unit, whereas the Alpine has the 7 speed unit. Only the engine shared from the drivelines between the two. New Meg RS is a 6 speed in EDC guise, so is likely to be the DCT450 Getrag wet clutch unit, and differs from the Alpine 7 speed unit. Good news for future power upgrades in the Meg!!
  11. No152

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    Specs on GT day it’s a 7 speed EDC so would suggest wet clutch unit same as Meg RS gets
  12. No152

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    Its all here from our friends at Wikipedia... Getrag[edit] Getrag has developed a range of DCT[24] transaxles, including 7DCL750, a seven-speed transaxle for midengine longitudinal applications, capable of taking more than 750 N⋅m (553 lbf⋅ft).[25] Getrag will provide its DCT in its first commercial applications, for the Dodge Journey and Volvo S40 and V50, from mid-2008.[26] Getrag has developed the 6DCT250 dry clutch DCT for use in front wheel drive transverse applications. With use of electromechanical actuation, rather than electrohydraulic, the 6DCT250 transmission surpasses the conventional manual transmission in fuel consumption and CO2 emission.[27] In the second quarter of 2008, Getrag had signed an agreement with Chrysler to supply its PowerShift DCTs for use in American markets.[5] However, due to the global economic downturn, this was subsequently cancelled.[5][28][29] In 2006, Getrag was also working with Bosch to develop a DCT for use in hybrid vehicles.[5][30] In 2015, Getrag introduced a new seven-speed, wet-clutch DCT, the 7DCT300,[31] with a maximum torque of 300 Nm. The first application was the Renault Espace with a 1.6 L, Turbo GDI engine. Getrag dual-clutch transmissions are used in the BMW M3,[32] BMW 335is, BMW Z4 (E89) sDrive35i, Dacia Duster EDC, [33] Ferrari California,[34] Ferrari 458 Italia,[35]LaFerrari, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG,[36] Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Renault Megane, Renault Scenic, smart fortwo, Volvo V40, Volvo V60 Volvo V70 vehicles.[37] The 7 speed unit in the Alpine is wet clutch unit, as is the Meg 4 RS that shares this driveline. Interesting the dry clutch unit is electromechanically actuated rather than electrohydraulic as with the DSG in VWs etc.. Haven't found a reference yet to the Meg 4 GT. If it's a 7 speed unit, will be wet clutch it seems. If not, probably dry clutch like the Clio.
  13. No152

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    Nearly. It's all in here boys and girls... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct-shift_gearbox Seems Borg Warner developed up the commercial technology from the original Porsche design fro its race cars, then licensed it to VAG to build them (among others). The 7 speed dry clutch abomination appears to have been the work of a different group including LuK Clutch System Gmbh who helped this poor excuse of a gearbox by making the dry clutch pack (the main cause of failure in that transmission) which them managed to find its way into lots of VAG products. Clio runs a Getrag version of the DCT in its EDC, the same dry clutch unit as placed into the Focus and lots of others across a few brands. I understand the Meg 4RS runs a wet clutch version (and the Alpine) but still a Getrag unit, so hopes are that as a wet clutch unit it will be more robust than the dry clutch unit which has had a patchy history in its various guises.
  14. No152

    Looking for a Megane RS265

    Nice. She looks perfect!
  15. No152

    Looking for a Megane RS265

    Well done! You have scored arguably one of the best models in definitely the best colour ever. Enjoy. Any pics of the new beauty?