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  1. aress

    Small rattle? Red Bull RB8 Megane RS

    Problem 1: solved Problem 2: shouldn't be major, hopefully dealt with pre-sale Problem 3: start modding You'll miss that 5-cylinder donk though.
  2. aress

    Small rattle? Red Bull RB8 Megane RS

    ^^ what they said. Alternatively, in my case there was a leak from a line somewhere around the top of the engine - can't recall exactly what or where this was so apologies for the vagueness, but it was easy for the mechanic to find and $100 to fix. A little surprised you found the Meg slower than the XR5 given it's got more power, more torque, and less weight. Was the XR5 modified? Did you have the Meg in Sport mod for full output? If not is it possible it's not in full health? Cheers, Rory
  3. aress

    Hey hey rs fam, new here from Syd!

    Did you do that all together or one change at a time? Interesting to know the individual - and cumulative - effect of the mods.
  4. aress

    Hey hey rs fam, new here from Syd!

    How's the ride compared to standard?
  5. aress

    Driving Style

    Wow, where did you get 450nm and 206kw atw with a stage one tune? That's a massive step up from my stage one. What tune do you have?
  6. aress

    Driving Style

    If you have kids and/or your pockets don't extend that far then ignore all the hyperbole on the T-R. And don't bother actually trying one, it will spoil you for all others. Personally I'd give my left testicle for a T-R but for myself and most other people in the hot hatch market it's hugely restricted by its seating configuration, and to realise its full potential it relies on the Cup 2 tyres which are an added compromise. A brilliant weekend toy - one of the best you can get - but your circumstances really need to accommodate it. For me this is the reason why the T-R can't be the best ever hot-hatch (an accolade that surely must go to a car which retains the inherent practicalities of a hatchback. FWIW a 275 optioned with the Ohlins suspension (as available in other markets but not Oz) would probably take my vote for that prize, and an example in that exact spec - with Cup 2s - was measurably faster around Anglesea circuit in the UK than a Golf R in the hands of EVO magazine. But I digress). It's difficult to explain or describe a driving experience so I can only echo No152's advice, which is to buy a Golf R and... shit - no, sorry, I meant get out and drive some examples of the Meg 3 and judge for yourself. Remember though that pussy-foot around in any Meg 3 and you'll step out underwhelmed. It doesn't do the instant gratification that some others in this market segment do so well. You do need to push it to appreciate what it can do. Go, experiment, have fun. Report back.
  7. aress

    Rs 265 gear knob

    There's a whole thread devoted to this, I think it's titled 'Robbie' s knob' and should be in the Meg 3 section, probably the technical pages. Try searching there.
  8. aress

    2013 Rs265 Cup Or 2013 Rs265 Redbull Rb8?

    Tongue was in cheek, but that was the general drift. Good point about the warranty - potentially a big factor when considering what's available.
  9. aress

    Hi From Spain

    Welcome, nice to have an international flavour to the forum. And welcome back RS250CUP Done a few Europe trips I take it? I'm taking the family over in June/July and keen to hear of some good driving roads, will post a rough itinerary in another thread but feel free to pass on any local knowledge. Cheers, Rory
  10. aress

    2013 Rs265 Cup Or 2013 Rs265 Redbull Rb8?

    Me too. Well, 25k, plus a case of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 1945 and a night with Charlize Theron. And Scarlett Johansson. OK so the other one's probably a better buy. From your perspective anyway. There are more special edition Meg 3s than there are standard ones. Any one of these may or may not have higher long term value than the next, but it's a bit of a lottery really. Buy the one that meets your needs the best, drive and enjoy.
  11. aress

    Megane Rs250 Or Ford Fiesta St

    Congrats, right decision. My advice is to get a PPI for peace of mind. For the record I rarely follow my own advice in this regard and for the most have come out ok. But get a PPI.
  12. aress

    Megane Rs250 Or Ford Fiesta St

    I have several magazine comparisons between the two, happy to send you copies if your interested - send me a PM. Rory
  13. aress

    New Member - Shopping For An Rs250

    Hi James, Welcome to the fold. I can't recommend a good appraisal service up here but if you want a local forum member to pre-appraise anything for you before committing money then I'm sure one of us could help out. I'm happy to do so (time/location dependant) on the understanding I'm not a mechanic and would just give you a 'worth it/not worth it' call for an appraisal - ie inspect & general report on the car inside and out, test drive, feedback on vendor and review of service history etc. Just sing out if you need any help. Good luck, Rory
  14. You Pearl White guys should form the 'Not Quite Liquid Yellow' club! Hi Joe - gone quiet, any progress on your RS crusade?