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  1. ishhyyyy

    First Renault just purchased

    Congrats on your pick up! Interested in the knowing the wheels dimensions. Please do tell if they come off.
  2. ishhyyyy

    MK4 R.S clio owner newbie!

    Welcome! Your previous cars sounds like monster, care to share some pics of them?
  3. ishhyyyy

    Forum not refreshing

    Yeah that could be true and i think thats how it was before iirc.
  4. ishhyyyy

    Forum not refreshing

    I think timer thing is normal, but i don't understand why it saves the text once you have posted a comment? This has happened a few times as well as the OPs problem.
  5. ishhyyyy

    Bought A Cheapie 172

    Yes, it is mandatory to post up pics especially of a clio 1x2 And welcome to the forum
  6. ishhyyyy

    It's In The Genes

    Really?! Well that's great news... ????
  7. ishhyyyy

    New Addition !

    Cloudy has set with ado8r on them for sale. Might be worth it to pm him. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/28532-syd-172-wheels-with-ad08rs-400/#entry591406
  8. ishhyyyy

    Another Frb182

    That's an amazing 182 you have there mate!
  9. ishhyyyy

    New Victorian Member!

    Welcome to the forum! Great car with great plates to match!
  10. ishhyyyy

    Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    When are where will you be going?
  11. ishhyyyy

    Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    The belts are changed at the 100k km mark or 4 years, whichever is first. If you were to pick that up I'd get the belts done as soon as possible. Given that its a 2010 model, it should have already had the belts changed in 2014.
  12. ishhyyyy

    Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    If what Mase is saying is true, that's definitely a good pick up! The Silver 200 with an Akra, saves you the hassale of buying it https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Clio-2011/SSE-AD-4265715 Or you can pick up a 197 and use the change to freshen the car up completely
  13. ishhyyyy

    English Newbie

    No engine swaps have been done on the clio 3s AFAIK but there are a few clio 2s with 225 running gear
  14. ishhyyyy

    English Newbie

    When you are making the move, bring all the required parts! It will make life much more easier!!!!
  15. ishhyyyy

    New Toy

    Welcome to the forum! Love the colour on it as well!