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  1. Not the quickest off the mark( better keep working on that), purchasing my 2016 support in the store in October!
  2. TC265

    1St Foray Into The Renault Marque

    I might not have the grand kids but I do share a love of a coastal drive and since Cairnsy lives at one end of the old pac and I live at the other( as it exits the H Shire) hope we can set up a meet n greet when you are up this way. I hear Patonga pub calling
  3. TC265

    New Member - Brett Watson - Rs265 Cup Premium

    Funtastic, bought same in January 2015. Still smiling every time I walk towards the car in anticipation of going for a drive
  4. TC265

    Fido The French 172

    lol was wanting to quantify old
  5. TC265

    Expecting Ly Megane Rs 275 Trophy Next Week

    lucky fella, Welcome to RS forums. I went on my first social drive recently and a 275 trophy driver was amongst the group , he was enveloped in one big smile
  6. TC265

    Hey Guys :) Bought A Megane Rs 275 Trophy Ly

    Hi Richie, great you made it to the OPH drive day, hope to see you on the Northside again next time ther's a drive day up this way. I know you will enjoy your funtastic car to the nth degree.
  7. Thanks Hoon mums for life! Yes they are the same. It's funny that you ask (a friend at work):
  8. I am wondering Yeah the contrast is apparent as soon as you get in the RS, there's no going back I feel her pain, but the sacrifice is worth it in my experience... Wish you luck! It's already dirty... I lie, have fun with the gloss ha ha Great car for a great drive. Looking at the photos, it's the first thing I notice as well. Any further details on the track day? I hope there's a learners session? Thanks, looking forward to the drive days. This car is turning me into a speed monster (bye bye EVO's).
  9. Can't seem to be able to reply to the rest of you yet, thanks for the nice welcome
  10. Thanks! This seems like such a friendly place. Great minds think alike. Thanks! Thank you, unfortunately haven't been driving last two days due to the weather. It's been in the garage :/ Are you fishing for compliments Sam Already love it! Yes had a great time but didn't want to leave the car by itself in front of the pub lol. It's usually me dragging my boys for a beach walk but this time they had to drag me! Thanks! I'd like to keep my warranty for now ha ha. Have been thinking about that drive for a while, will definitely do it soon. Cheers, oh it's so terrible! I'm glad I only had two then! Good to know there are others who have done the same journey. Thanks for your comment.
  11. Thanks, the red matches with the brake calipers. As I said this car makes me smile!
  12. Hi I'm Trish, After doing the right thing by the family for the last 20 years, It was finally time to look at a car just for me. Hung around people who were into cars during my uni days hence had a more than 'mild' interest. It had been submersed for the last decade or so by the prescribed commodores (company cars) but they have been great family cars. I produced a short list of 17 cars! After being told "Mum, 17 cars is not a short list" I refined it down to a more manageable number to explore in the flesh. Sadly I drove the Megane CC, but quickly returned it to the dealer. The' look' had been there (in my eyes) but the car morphed into an ugly duckling as I attempted to accelerate. I looked at the Clio sitting on the dealer floor but it would not fit the occasional required 6'3 passenger nor my mountain bike so the yellow Megane RS was my next test drive. The sales person drove initially. The acceleration was scary, my eyes widened, my turn! It was a natural fit. Taking my time though, I continued to save and I still had other test drives to go through. I had always wanted an Alfa having spent some time in the late eighties driving an Alfa GTV. Fortunately the Renault dealer also dealt with Alfa. Took an Alfa Giulietta QV for a spin- like it alot though the pedals made the decision for me- not right I looked at Ford Focus ST, too much fun to be had , great price but the seats, agh, why? There is no way I could drive in them for a few hours. Hit the forums and it confirmed my thoughts. After finally getting a VW dealer to answer the phone, I test drove the Scirocco R- one look at the dash and I thought I was in 2007. Nope, it was not for me, sorry aesthetics matter to me. I test drove the golf R- wasn't going to as I thought golfs were as common as cats. I surprised myself when the only thing that came out of my mouth after my test drive through the hilly, windy streets of Beacon Hill on the Northern Beaches of Sydney was an involuntary 'WOW'. My brother had suggested the BMW 235i but it was a little beyond my price range but also the dealer could not get one in for me in the 4 weeks of looking so I drove a BMW 328i instead. Alright but conservative. It was now between the Golf R and the Megane RS 265 Cup Premium. Another drive in each. The Megane made me smile, it made me smile when I drove it , it made me smile when I thought of it and it makes me smile now. I absolutely love it. I have dropped enough hints to my boys including this post that I would like a red t shirt for my upcoming birthday: It's a (late) 2014 but complied in '15. Options are; weather-shields, floor mats, rubber cargo mat, tinting, paint protection and the 19" gloss black Steev wheels. Being a cup premium it has the nice Recaro seats and reversing camera too. Picking it up from the dealer, one very happy customer! Big thanks to Murphy and Sam Brought it home for the first time, excuse the ugly house in the background, it's not mine! Almost straight away, off again for a drive up the Old Pacific Hwy then onwards to Patonga for fish and chips (not eating in the car of course): It really is new, it really is mine! Finally home, auto wipers work, have to wash the car tomorrow (hopefully my boys do it for me!) Signed up to this forum after it was recommended by Murphy and Sam from McCarroll's Renault, hope to make some Renault friends and would love to attend some of the cruises/meets/track-days (after I learn the necessary skills). Will be getting black Euro-style plates soon. Until then... Cheers, Trish.